Saab’s Global Sales Press Release

Saab Finishes 2006 Strong, Sets Global Sales Record

Saab returned a strong global sales performance last year, achieving growth of 5.4 percent compared to 2005 and setting best-ever volumes for both worldwide and European sales.

Global sales increased to 133,167 cars, exceeding the previous record set in 2000. And for the second year running, Saab’s European sales increased 11.1 percent establishing a new volume record for 88,859 vehicles for the region ahead of the previous benchmark set in 2005.

Saab 9-3 sales, stimulated by the successful introduction of the 9-3 SportCombi were up 7 percent globally, while the refreshed Saab 9-5 range, including the popular Saab 9-5 FlexFuel “BioPower” model, was also 6 percent up. Best-ever Saab sales volumes were achieved in Spain, Belgium and Canada.

“These strong results show that interest in the Saab brand has increased substantially,” says Jan Åke Jonsson, Saab Automobile AB managing director. “Exciting concept cars, such as the Saab Aero X and the Saab 9-3 BioPower Hybrid Convertible indicate the future direction of the brand. As we enter our 60th anniversary year in 2007, we look forward to building on our strong sales momentum.”

Saab sold a total of 36,349 vehicles in the United States, making it again the largest single market for Saab worldwide. “Though our overall sales decreased slightly from last year’s levels, we achieved several highlights,” said Jay Spenchian, Saab Automobile USA general manager. “Sales of our 9-3 core model were up, helped by the very well received SportCombi which had its best month ever in December. Overall Saab sales in the U.S. showed year-over-year gains during the last five months of the year, including a near-record 33 percent jump in December – giving us strong momentum as we start 2007.”

Gave Saab wings around the world: 9-3 SportCombi

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  1. Can GM get some credit now, for how they have managed the SAAB brand? While fans may hate the 9-7X I suspect this gave US buyers another reason to enter a Saab showroom. A good thing I think.

  2. No GM can not get any credit for this, if GM had handled Saab correct the 9-3 SportCombi would have been out in 2003. Now Bob Lutz prioritized the Convertible before the SportCombi. While the convertible builds image it does not sell volumes of cars. If they prioritized the SportCombi before the convertible the volumes would have gone up earlier and then they could have brougt forward the convertible. Oh and by the way, I dont hate 9-7X. I would not buy one but on the other hand I am not american and dont need oversized cup-holders either…

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