Sanddodgers update

Again I’m left to feel somewhat ashamed that I couldn’t get the money together in time to sponsor these guys.

Team Sanddodgers, doing a run from the UK through Africa, have been crossing the edge of the Sahara desert in their courageous little Saab 99 Turbo.

An extract from their latest entry:

We have endured all the cars and the Land Rover breaking down, crashing or getting stuck in the sand. Suffice to say it was Gareth who crashed the SAAB off a 3ft sand dune destroying the underhanging 2nd radiator and nearly our chances, but the tough old SAAB does not seem to need the broken rad and is running so well that we towed the Landrover over 100km when the clutch broke with Jon overtaking lorries while towing as he went!

They’re flying home at the end of the event and I believe the car will be auctioned locally in Banjul.

What a trooper of a car! And yeah, the guys themselves are doing alright, too.

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