Shock and Awe

The Viggen shock absorber saga continues…..

I first investigated getting some Koni adjustables for the front of my Viggen, but was warned off them by the Koni distributor here in Australia. The Koni product guide indicates that their 9-3 MY98-02 shocks are not suited for the Aero or Viggen models. Further enquiry indicated that this is due to a number of warranty claims. The Aussie distributor mentioned the number ‘5’. I also heard from several others who opined against the Konis, though I’ve had a similar number say they’re great and that the Viggen/Aero exclusion is just Koni covering their backside.

So…..I looked into OEM Saab units, but these are priced at a jaw-dropping $850 for the pair, which seems pretty excessive.

I’ve placed an enquiry with Bilstein but am yet to hear back from them.

When I got the Konis for the rear I paid about $450 for the pair and was quoted $550 for the fronts. I’ve got no complaints about the Konis on the rear so at a price of around $550 (if I can get that price again) they’re looking good. I’m waiting to hear back from Swedish Prestige in Melbourne to see how much they’ll be.

I never realised how mind-numbing the whole process would be once I decided to pull the trigger on getting this job done.


The rest of the Viggen wish list (for the moment):

– Abbott Motorsport steering rack brace
– Forge dump valve
– Upgraded ECU (not decided which company yet)
– Eibach lowering springs
– Uprated rear antiroll bar

Other suggestions welcome…..

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  1. Steve,

    The OE units aren’t $850 for the pair. I can get the pair for $422, being the original 50 23 932’s coloured orange for the Viggen 3D and 5D. Let me know if you want them.


  2. Numero Uno on that wish list should be coming to Detroit in August to meet your international following! Gonna miss yah in Sverige this June, though.


  3. DB,

    Steve E got the price for me and I couldn’t believe it. Steve got quoted $370 +gst, which will end up around the $420 price you got – but that was EACH, rather than for the pair. I couldn’t believe it so I called Motors myself and got quoted around $480 per unit, retail price.

    If you can confirm the price you got for the pair with Motors then let me know as I’ll jump at them.

  4. I’ll check the price tomorrow. The EPC says that that part number supplies two units and not one, and I was under this impression myself.

    Speak soon,


  5. Hi Swade,
    My friend, Anti (chairman of Saab 9-3/9-5 Club Hungary) has Sachs Sport in his Viggen.
    I think, it’s the OEM supplier of Saab.

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