So many Saab Clubs!

After adding a few more Saab Clubs to the list last week I received a bunch more emails from Saabers around the world who wanted to add their Saab club as well.

There’s Saab Clubs everywhere! It’s a wonder I’m not tripping over one every morning as I walk to work.

The new additions for this week:

Saab Turbo Club of Norway

Saab 96 Club (Netherlands)

Finnish Saab Club

Hungarian Saab 900 Club

Hungarian 9-3 and 9-5 Club

Welcome to the list. If you’re club’s not listed, then please feel free to drop me a line and let me know about it.

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  1. San Diego Saab Club where are you?

    I am British and I have plugged your club and great city on this website before.

    Come on lads, register with the Swade Meister.

    For those of you who ahve not been there yet go – and visit Ocean Beach on a marekt evening and then have lunch at the yacht club on Shelter Island.

    If you can afford it- stay at Humphreys Half Moon Bay hotel and winge for a yacht moorings view.

  2. Swade, how comes none of the Canadian clubs are listed? Numerous requests by our webmaster plus numerous comments have been ignored – what gives?

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