Some design fun (part 1) – the 9-1

Thanks to all the folks that have sent in the Teknikens Varld cover. I’ve been flat out busy today and should have had this posted around 10 hours ago, but such is summer life with family visitors.

The big noise started off at iSaab this morning (my time) and is now spreading around.

Teknikens Varld magazine have put a sketch of what is a supposed Saab 9-1 on their front cover. I haven’t looked further to find out if it’s a leaked sketch or one of their artist’s impressions.

Here it is. Click to enlarge:


Martin has sent me some rumours from the article.

RUMOURS, people.

9-1 X AWD
9-1 H Hybrid/Ethanol
9-1 SC Combi (?)
9-1 conv with steel roof

1.6i 100 HP
1,8i 130 HP
1,8t 175 HP (Biopower)
2,0t 190 HP (Biopower)
2,0H 200 HP (Hybrid)
2,0T 220 HP (Biopower)
2,6T AERO 260 HP
1,3 TID 120 HP
1,7 TID 140 HP
1,9 TID 160 HP

That’d be a mighty nice set of 9-1 vehicles if they could pull it all off.

These images have also come in today:

A Saab 9-1 ‘Viggen’


And an interpretation of a Saab 9-1 SportCombi:


These all look like photoshops and interpretations to me, but they’re definitely fun to look at think over. I’d be quite happy to own any of them.

Your thought in comments (and anything I’ve missed, too).


Thanks to ctm, Olav, Martin, Tobias and Jan

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  1. Overlay Mr. Lutz’s rough sketch, and I think that you’ll find that it fits this car.

    I’m holding out for the final release, but it’s not bad. If history proves correct, a car this small won’t be available in the US.

  2. The third picture… Hm, the style is somewhat like a smaller Mercedes. And there were a rumors som month ago about the new small Saab beeing like that…

  3. That stubby nose on the Viggen is a real turnoff for me, too much like a minivan nose.
    I really like the ones on the Teknikens Varld cover though.

  4. I’m a fan of that magazine impression (not so much with the vacuum cleaner second one), except for those boring looking tail lights. Let’s try to come up with SOMETHING interesting, Saab. Even the Aero-X’s 9000 CSE-style tail lights were boring. Can’t we come up with something pretty like the current 9-3 or the last-gen 1999-2001 9-5 wagon’s? Hell, let’s bring back the old 900 Turbo’s taillights and white them out and put LEDs or whatever, just something that doesn’t copy Volvo or the Ford S-Max.

  5. The mag picture is 100% an in house. Too much 9x for a leak. Design cues of a smaller Saab will not be of the Michael Mauer period. A few publications has mentioned that MM did pen a few sketches for a smaller Saab before he left. But time moves on.

    I must admit I always find it strange how poeple can’t look past a sketch or photoshop redering and see what the person was trying to achieve. Instead of seeing Hatch-back or sport-coupe, led lights and hocky-stick designs.
    They’d rather comment on how audi or mercedes the car looks.
    Hats off to anyone who decides to have a go at coming up with something. It takes ages to get anything near acceptable just to have people blow your 10-15hours worth of work right out of the water. Makes you wonder why you bothered.

    The 1st picture has all the right cues, but If it came to market ‘as is’ then Saab are going to have problems with Skoda and their planned speedster due 2009. But on the whole the lines are smooth and the stance is nicely propotioned to give that impression of power and agility.

    The 2nd picture is not the sort of Saab I would like to buy. but would actually make a nice Super Mini. Smooth out the lines, build that on GM’s e-flex platform and it could be a hit but my guess would be as a 2014 Model Year car.

    As for the 3rd pic it’s basically like the first picture, but without the arts degree and endless hours to perfect it.

    Really we should be looking at what OPEL has planned for the NG Astra.
    1.6, 1.8, 2.0 and a V6 possibly a 3.6 to compete with Volkswagen’s V6 golf.
    All with direct injection and will have the flex-fuel capability. Which models or engine sizes will get hybrid is anyone’s guess. All is logical but finances probably won’t allow for that.

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