Some more NG900 lovin’

It’s been freaking busy around these parts with all the 2008 stuff going on. I haven’t had the time to post some more 900/9-3 love photos, which is going to change right now.


This is Erek’s NG900 and of it, he writes the following:

These pictures are not of the quality suitable for publishing on your website…..

Are you kidding, that’s a great shot! I left two others out as they’re reasonably similar, but that’s one great looking NG900 if you ask me.

They were taken late summer 2006 in my parents back yard after I washed the car. As you can see, there is debris and what not laying around, but the car just looked so good that I couldn’t resist. I would prefer to own a viggen, but this car was as close to that that this college student could afford. You know, some day…

The vehicle is stock (except for the wheels, I guess, but they were the ones on it when I purchased the car) and it is probably the nicest one in the entire world. It is far from flawless at 116K miles, with a few small rust spots beginning to appear as well as about a million paint chips in the hood, but 9 out of 10 people think the car is brand new. There is definitely something about these saab models. They are pretty much timeless.

It’s certainly a shape that I’ve come to appreciate more and more in the last 18 months. I’ve seen some plain looking NG900s in my time, but in three-door style and with some nice rims, they really do look great.

Thanks Erek for sending in the shots and spreading some NG900 love.

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  1. “there is debris and what not laying around” — You’ve got to be kidding. When I get my Saab 9-3, I’m going to have to take it to the local park or library or somewhere to take pictures. We’ve got alpaca manure, unsplit logs, cut-up cars, broken boat, broken trailers, fence parts, leftover barn framing, falling-down utility barn, and more.
    Beautifully framed shot in my opinion.

  2. They were my thoughts exactly, Ted (well, almost, I didn’t think about Alpaca poo).

    A great looking car, well shot, and if only my yard were this cluttered!

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