Some MY08 9-3 mumblings

The following is a translation of several posts appearing on the iSaab forum from Sweden. Please bear in mind that none of this is confirmed, but it makes for some pretty interesting reading.

Until we see some spyshots, take it all as being unconfirmed.

UPDATE: Spyshots of the new 9-3 from summer testing in suburban Sydney have now been obtained! The images show GM’s new commitment to resource centralisation and the commitment GM has toward Saab in the premium sector.

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December 20 by Onge (new member):
I have seen facelifted 9-3:s inside the factory for some days now. It looks good. There will a preview of it in about 2 weeks time.

December 20 by J.W:
In about one year, there will be a Saab 9-3 Black Turbo. Only available in black, AWD, 0-100 km/h in 5.4 sec, don’t know the exact bhp but more than 280, 19 inch wheels, two square exhaust pipes. Seems to be a limited edition.

December 21 by Onge:
I have seen the car in the factory, not in [a nickname on one of the buildings]. The front looks like the Aero-X.

January 04 by Onge:
Was away today and looked at the facelifted 9-3 combi. Worth waiting for.

Comments on this: “Please, tell us more!” and he answers: “No, you all have to wait until more info is out”.

January 28 by Figge:
I have seen it now. The front looks like the 9-5. The rear end of the combi is unchanged apart from the bumper. I think you will be surprised when you see the front…

January 29 by Figge:
I didn’t see the front all that clear, only at an angle from the side, so I can’t tell exactly how it looks. But the grille looks like to go deep down in the bumper, and the head lights looked really
liked the 9-5. The car was in silver color, so it’s was hard to see if there was any chrome rim around the head lights. I think there was some, but not as much as on the 9-5. Some parts [of the car] was not painted, so I don’t think it was the final version I saw.

January 29 by Åker SAAB 93 SS Aero (new member):
There will not be chrome around the head lights like on the 9-5. They are more like BMW with chrome on the top of the head lights. The hood looks a lot like the Aero-X.

January 29 by Figge:
Anyway, they do remind me of the ones on the 9-5.


As I said, interesting stuff.

I can’t wait to see this baby….

A thin disguise indeed!




Okay, I was kidding…..

Thanks, Richo

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  1. The Black Turbo looks very, very interesting. Saab really needs a “halo” performance model. Hopefully a competitor for the M3, S4, etc.

    The public relations mileage that comes out of these niche performance models is incredible.

  2. Check out the limited use of high quality Chrome…. you can only dream of seeing the interior. I wonder if there are bench seats.

  3. lets hope the fronts look a lot better than the current 9-5.. that needs to go.

    concerning the black turbo and performance halo models, greg is right. I know countless people that have drooled over owning an S4 or M3, only to end up buying a 9-3 or 3series. I myself always drooled over the viggen until I realized i couldn’t afford it but I settled for the next best thing 🙂

  4. Saab 5 year product plan

    2008 – New Aero diesel with twin sequential turbo chargers whith similar performance to V6 petrol.

    2009 – New 9-5 Saloon similar size to A6 with 4 wheel drive.

    2009 – 9-4X SUV a similar size to BMW X5 but lower.

    2010 – New 9-5 Estate

    2011 – New 9-3 Saloon

    2012 – New 9-3 Sportwagon & Convertible, will be neither a conventional soft-top or a retractable hard top, something new.

    2012 – New 9-1 a smaller model to create a style icon for the Saab brand.

    All of these models have been signed off by GM and are guaranteed production.

  5. Hey its all fact not fiction as told to all of the UK Dealer Principals last week by Johnathan Nash.

    2008MY 9-3 Saloon was also on display for the dealers to view.

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