Still more 9-1 “news”

Here’s some more info (yet again) on the 9-1 article, from Tekniken’s Varld. This is the publication with the following images that have been used here before, and which have created a bit of a stir in the last few days.



The following translation was provided by ctm. The original text in Swedish is here at the Tekniken’s Varld website. They’ve also got this profile cgi, which I hadn’t seen previously.


It’s two years until the premiere of Saab’s smaller car – Saab 9-1. Teknikens Värld can now reveal some info about this car, which rumors say will be produced in Trollhättan.

For decades, there have been talk about a smaller Saab, but ther has never been a successor to Saab 96. Not until now. One year ago, Jan-Åke Jonsson said that a smaller Saab was in development and during the autumn the rumor was almost official [?]. According to our sources, the new Saab 9-1 will be presented two years from now. The small Saab 9-1 will share technology with several other brands in the GM family.

The design of the new Saab 9-1 is still a secret, but sources from [?] GM/Saab design center in Rüsselheim tell us that it will be something special [strange wording in the article]. After the success last year with the Aero-X, the Saab management have confidence in a new design language and the new 9-1 shares a lot with that concept.

The front will get a whole new look, with the classic three-part openings in a new configuration. In line with the new design trend, the grille is big while the two outer openings are integrated with the headlights.

The hood gets a distinct curvature, and the windshield is typically Saab. The question is how this can be done since it will share with Opel Astra (which will have a ordinary shaped windshield). The rear will ge a “high profile” [hard to translate], and the hatch-back has returned to Saab.

Apart from tree- and five-door hatchback, there are plans for a 9-1 SportCombi with a estimated premiere in 2010/2011. After that, there are plans for a 9-1 Convertible and this would be the first Saab with a retractable hardtop. But the decision on that is not yet taken.

More info about the spectacular interior design and the engine lineup is available in the latest issue.

I’ve got to say that some things have happened recently which would cause me to use a fair measure of caution with this imagery and by extension, the assertions coming from this source.

Enjoy, but wait for some confirmation.

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  1. that’s a sexy beast.

    it’s great news that the hatch may come back.

    i really want awd next time around with saab; but i hope i don’t have to stray from a hatch to get awd, though.

    decisions, decisions, decisions…

    bring back the hatch!

  2. I like it, except the back. Why they don’t make the narrow Aero-X light across the rear door?
    The profile is quite “Saabish”, again, except the rear lights.

  3. I would like them to “reinvent” the hatch. I would be nice to be able to put things in the trunk without having to open up the whole thing. It’s really annoying open a hatch in rain or snow and have everything insdide wet…

  4. Swade:
    I was watching the US version of “The Office” this week and noticed that the character, Jim, was driving a Saab 9-2X. Just thought you’d like to know.

  5. “I’ve got to say that some things have happened recently which would cause me to use a fair measure of caution with this imagery and by extension, the assertions coming from this source.”

    What do you know that we don’t? 🙂

  6. Myself think about those pics in August they claimed was the new 9-5… It was just a poor photoshop job on an Alfa or something… Although I havn’t looked inside th mag this time, the Swedish wording on their home page (which I translated) never state that they actually have some real sources inside Saab. I get the feeling it’s just a collection of rumors. That said, it could turn out to actually be true… Don’t know if Swade has something else he is holding on to. 🙂

  7. Nothing secret being held here. I mentioned it in vahue terms in Fridays snippets entry. You can put 2 and 2 together and come up with a fair bit of concern about whatever Teknikens come up with – a la ctm’s comment above on the 9-5 sketches.

    Thos caused a fair bit of optimism at the time, but it’s clear to me now that they’re nothing more than someone’s guesswork.

    Quite unfortunate, really.

  8. The above pictures show a return to form for Saab after the ’06 9-5 and, dare I say this, the Aero-X?! *ducks for cover*

    The front fenders are a fantastic design the way that accent line runs from under the light all the way over the wheel arch only to disappear into a cheat line that in turn emphasises the classic Saab hockey stick. That line that runs from under the back light to end just rear of the real wheel well, I love it! Did a Swede design this car btw?

    The new side view screams 9-4X to me and this is what Saab must build as the car screams Saab to me.

    If it is a 9-1 I will definitely get one but if its a 9-4X then BMW has a problem – a big problem!

  9. The rear has some similarities to the new 9-5 shown earlier, I suspect these images may be closer to the end product than we think. New designs are sometimes “leaked” to gauge reaction before tooling is sgned off. I see Auto Express has the 9-2 as being launched this autumn(I prefer 9-2, it means we could have a Mini Cooper rival 9-1 with 180 turbo 4 and a hatch to keep the fans happy). I Don’t believe that myself but maybe there will be a concept car shown this year.

  10. I know for a fact that Teknikens Värld has a 14 year old computer wiz producing “future models” based on a combination of today’s models, spy shots and wild guessing. Some of the results are a bit amusing… I don’t know if this front page has been done by that teenager, though.

  11. there is already an Suzuki Swift on the European market and a copy, the Skoda “something” from Bohemia that looks almost the same. (Look at the wind screen) It a pity that the folks of GM in Russelsheim could not create something new (or who ever it did).
    Tja, it´s hard to create a new successor of the legendary “900 16 S”. Not even SAAB could do that.

  12. There’ve been rumors that the convertible model will have some kind of different top: not a hard top and not a soft top. Something innovative and never-before-seen.

    The cars the 9¹ will likely compete with will be the BM 1-Series and the AUDI A1. These are both subcompact wagons (I wouldn’t call them “hatchback” due to the extreme angle of the rear door, much like the Subaru WRX and therefore SAAB 9²X were a small wagon).

    Maybe SAAB is planning to use the rear design from the 9ˣ concept on the 9¹ (kind of a targa top thing with removable roof panels on a small wagon)? After all, SAAB first experimented with the targa top in 1964 on Sixten Sason’s beautiful Catherina prototype.

    The 9ˣ would make a great basis for the 9¹. Like the microsite for it points out, it’s part coupé, roadster, wagon, and pickup truck. The original design for it conceived of it being AWD (XWD?) and having a 3.0-liter (2.8-liter?) turbocharged (twin-scroll?) V6 (BioPower?) engine outputting 300 bhp. In a small, lightweight car like that I’m sure that thing would “go like stink”, as my dad would say (actually, he said this once in describing the original Mini and its tiny little wheels to me).

    This car would be very utilitarian and would set itself apart from its competition, being like nothing else on the market.

    I’d be willing to forego the potential return of the SAAB hatchback on the 9¹ for a system like that on the 9ˣ. 🙂

  13. I really hope they get the 9-1 right and I hope it’s slightly more 9x than 9-3x. In keeping with the 99 and the classic 900, it needs to have a clam shell bonnet too!
    I’m aiming to buy a 3 door version to replace my low mileage 3 door 9-3 Monte Carlo coupe, which will still be low mileage by then, I hope. In the meantime, the Monte will get a few improvements! Maybe they’ll do the 9-1 in yellow too?

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