Swedish News Snippets

These were sent in to me by regular sales-figures-hound, ctm. They’re a few news snippets from Swedish newspapers today. The Detroit show is on and Saab’s executives are there.


– “Ethanol has a big potential and Sweden has taken the initiative. I think Sweden should continue with an European initiative,” says Carl-Peter Forster, who more or less guarantees a continuing production of about 100.000 cars a year in Trollhättan.

– Forster underlines the need for pioneering achievements in producing ethanol from cellulosa, but also for the infrastructure [for delivering ethanol to the consumers].

– “We must put more resources into the alternatives,” says Forster, who reveal that Saab’s ethanol engines will be introduced at the American market.

– Jan Åke Jonsson asks for more interest from the Swedish government in the development center that GM has in Trollhättan.

– “And furthermore, the government should present some inititive that makes alternative fules and environmentally friendly cars even more attractive [for the consumers].”

– Despite modest success for Cadillac in Europe, Forster thinks the situation is ok. The BLS model are made at Saab in Trollhättan. Last year only 3.000 cars were produced. The goal is 10.000 cars per year.

– Forster says there will be a combi version of the BLS.

– The decision for the new small compact car (Opel Astra and a smaller Saab 9-1) will be taken later this year.

– Forster is said to be happy with increased productivity at Saab, but further work are needed.

– He says that new Saab models will be introduced the coming years.

– “Where the cars are being built is not a main concern for the customers. It’s the brand that has to be strengthen. But for the reason of exchange rates among other tings, we want to bulid the cars close to the markets where they are sold, and Sweden is the home market for Saab.”

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  1. Why don’t they kill the BLS now? Its beyond a joke and to have BLS wagon based on the SportCombi is, IMO, a criminal offence!

  2. Who will buy all those BLSs?!?!?! I agree, they should have laws against growing a line like the BLS… It’s such a horrible idea!

  3. GM delayed the SportCombi, a car which has been a big success for Saab, due to costs. And now they wanna spend zillions on a Cadillac wagon… To sell what? 3 000 cars a year? Wtf are they thinking?

  4. I bet that the BLS will be a killerbargain in the used market in a fewyears… A Saab 9-3 Aero Spec car for peanuts…I’d take one.

  5. Ethanol, smethanol. It AINT the greatest thing since….
    What is? That electric rear-drive motor like in the Concept car. Now if I(or Saab) have to get dragged into AWD thats the way to do it.
    I was under a broken AWD ovlov the other day…two ring and pinions and a multi-jointed driveshaft are NOT the way to do it. Draggin 400+ pounds of rarely used (and always spinnin) hardware is dum.

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