Swedish sales data – December 2006

Thanks to Tobias for getting the Swedish sales data in this month.

December 2006 was consistent with other months in 2006, with the Saab 9-5 and 9-3 taking the 2nd and 4th spots on the sales ladder (1st and 3rd are Volvos).

However, sales numbers were somewhat lower than in the previous December.

Saab Sweden sold 1,245 units of the 9-5, which was down around 12% on the prior year. The 9-5 is still way up year-to-date, but if there’s a dark cloud here it’s the fact that from memory, this would be the first negative month for the 9-5 in 2006. Let’s hope this isn’t a sustained negative shift.

They also sold 1,064 units of the 9-3, which represented a more modest fall of around 5%.

The good news is that over the course of the year, Saab sold 25,621 units, an overall rise of roughly 20% on the previous year. This was largely on the back of the favourably taxed Saab BioPower 9-5 models.

Congratulations to Saab of Sweden on a bumper year.

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  1. good that the 9-3 is still doing ok, despite lack of ethanol as well as the face lift not too far away. Imagine that there are a few persons out there that wait until the face lift is out.

    Is there any information awailable re how much of the 9-3 sale that is the SC?

  2. Saab had a record year acording to this site. Sales was 133 167 an increase with 5,4 percent. Previous record eas 132 300 (from 2000). They seem to aim for the same increase next year. The 150 000 mark seem to be a bit away…

  3. Well 133,137 it is.

    Ok but here’s the interesting quote by JAJ: “We are currently working on a new engine for the 9-2, and of course we are also working on an engine for the 9-3,” he said.”

    Well the North American-only 9-2X is dead, sooooooo what the heck is he referring to, the NEW 9-2 ?

    See link:


    Saab revels in record car sales
    Published: 3rd January 2007 17:48 CET

    Saab Automobile achieved its best ever sales result in 2006. The year was tougher for Volvo, which sold fewer cars than in 2005.

    Jan Åke Jonsson, CEO of Saab Automobile, had hoped to sell as many as 140,000 cars over the course of the year but eventually had to settle for 133,137.

    “We had a 5.4 percent increase, selling 6,700 more cars than in 2005. So it is still the best result in Saab’s history,” Jonsson told news agency TT.

    He is playing down expectations for 2007 and, due to uncertainty about developments on the Swedish, UK and US markets, is predicting a similar result to last year’s.

    “We have two thirds of our volume there,” said Jonssson.

    Having sold almost 11,000 9-5 Biopower cars in Sweden last year, Jonsson is expecting demand for environmentally friendly vehicles to remain high in 2007.

    “We are currently working on a new engine for the 9-2, and of course we are also working on an engine for the 9-3,” he said.

    Saab needs to continue increasing its range of models if it is to achieve greater volumes.

    “We are working on the renewal and expansion of our programme. There will be plenty of surprises during the year,” said Jonsson.

    Volvo meanwhile has already unveiled a number of new models, and is set to produce more new products over the coming months. But in 2006 the company sold 16,000 fewer cars than the previous year, bringing the annual total down to 427,747.

    This meant a 3.6 percent drop compared to 2005. But figures for the final quarter of 2006 were more encouraging, up 5.3 percent on the previous year’s final quarter.

    The US market accounted for a large proportion of Volvo’s slump.

    “Competition is incredibly strong there and price-cutting wars are set to continue,” said spokesman Christer Gustafsson.

    In Russia and Asia, however, sales were on the increase.

    Volvo saw its Russian sales increase by over 90 percent to 10,803 cars, pushing the country onto the company’s top-ten list for 2006.

    TT/Paul O’Mahony


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