Terror-Free, my arse!

This, received via email, addresses any inference that a Saab properly tuned and running on E85 might be considered “terror-free”:

Terror Free oil is one of the most misleading statements I’ve ever seen. F$#! me, they should drive the 220bhp Hirsch BioPower around some twisty roads and pray to all the gods from any religion as you brake into a corner that there is still stopping power left in your now over cooked standard front brakes. E85 is Terror Free oil my arse, I’d make them s$#! themselves if I had them in the car for 30 Minutes.

He he.

Hirsch, I think I speak for the author when I say that you can feel free to use this in your future promotional material…..


Note: I mentioned the rather curious “Terror-Free” gas stations in yesterday’s snippets entry. “Terror-Free” seems to be more concerned with oil importation sources than E85, an inference that may have been drawn from the context I placed in the story. Regardless, this was just too funny to leave in my inbox.

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