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My apologies for the late start today but we’ve had two minor health scares at home in the last 24 hours. I’ve just returned from the doctor’s rooms where word is that I’m not dead. Which is good.

The other health scare concerns our 1994 Saab 9000 CS, which decided to slowly void itself of all automatic transmission fluid yesterday, noted mostly by the strange metallic sounds it was making when my wife picked me up from the office in it.

It’s at the doctors at the moment and we’re awaiting a diagnosis.


As the online SOTW calendar has ceased for 2007, I’m going to be doing wallpapers instead, but with a mind to do a published calendar (i.e. on real paper that you can hang on a real wall). Once again, I’d like them to be shots of people’s actual cars and I’d like them to be freaking excellent – the best user-generated Saab wallpapers on the web: that’s the goal.

If you have a magnificent piece of Swedish automotive machinery that isn’t a Volvo (yes I’ll publish a Koenigsegg if someone’s got one), and you have some skills with a camera – then please get busy. Great shots are the order of the day and please email me the biggest files you can, preferably at 300dpi.

Anyone that’s had a SOTW entry published here before is more than welcome to email me big photos of ones previously published. My email address is swade99@dodo.com.au


I also have some T-shirts in mind, too. Very plain but clean design. If anyone’s got some ideas for a T-Saab T-shirt then please feel free to let me know. I’ve got my own idea in the works, but one should always be open to suggestions.

The T-shirt and calendar idea is an initiative to raise some money so I can get to Sweden in June. Several people have graciously suggested a tip jar, however I’m not a believer in getting something for nothing.


There may also be a few housekeeping changes around here in the next 2-3 weeks. Any suggestions are welcome in comments (and I promise I’ll try to act on suggestions this time).


Saab are promoting the use of E85 as a way to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and help the environment. The US market also sees it as a way to reduce dependance on foreign sources of fuel (i.e. oil from the volatile Middle east).

Promoters of E85 and other alternative fuels are fairly diplomatic and positive about it, wanting to accentuate the advantages of their alternative technologies. The petroleum producers themselves are getting into greener technology. Even if it’s just window dressing they’re at least having to face the shift in market expectations due to the environment and the political reality of the world we live in.

Then there’s these guys, who are quite blunt about the product they’re selling.


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  1. I for one, believe that if one wants “terror-free oil” one should stop messing around in parts of the world where one isn’t welcome. That’s just my opinion though and I know I’m in the minority amongst Americans.

    As for a T-shirt suggestion, I don’t know if it’s profitable (I haven’t looked into it) but a company called CafePress will set you up with a full shop with little to no overhead. Check out our little shop:

    I noticed that Treehugger.com also uses CafePress (http://www.cafepress.com/treehuggerstore).

    Personally, I like the natural-color (no use of bleaches or dyes) organic cotton T-shirt from American Apparel (http://www.americanapparel.net).

    This is the T-shirt available through CafePress and both the Treehugger and SoCalSAAB sites. I and my son each have an organic SoCalSAAB Tee. Very nice.

    I hope you and your 9000 feel better soon.

  2. Actually Gripen, I have a Cafepress account and have actually sold a grand total of 2 shirts (including a one of a kind 9-2x shirt!)

    I haven’t advertised it for over a year though as I need to work on the designs.

    As mentioned, I’m not dead, which I thought I might be at the time. The 9000’s all OK now too. Thanks.

  3. Some fund raising suggestions:

    (1) People like recognition. When you have posted links to other people’s web sites, they probably check back often to see if they were mentioned again. Adding personal information about the various cars and owners in the calendar will make it that much more desirable for the owners and their family members. And technical data is always interesting to Saabists.

    (2) After collecting a good group of pictures, have an online vote for the best 12 Saab pics to put in the calendar. You might even offer a free calendar to the winner(s).

    (3) Put off your plans for Trollhattan another year and have a TS t-shirt get together at the SOC in Detroit. That might generate some sales.

    (4) And while you’re at it, why not add an embroidered polo shirt to your line. I for one work in an office and rarely wear printed t-shirts. (They clash with my ties. ha ha)

  4. Glad the health thing was only a scare. I hope you aren’t pushing yourself too hard, keep your health your #1 priority. I’ll be looking forward to your T-shirts and calendar—hope you get to Sweden.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions, Andy, and for the thoughts Ted.

    The new banner up top gives a hint at the sort of thing I’m playing with in terms of logo design.

  6. Swade,
    I looked you up this morning and the first thing I thought was, “Nice new banner!”

    I hope to get a picture or two off to you. My 9000 Aero would be flattered to be included.


  7. Terror-free gas, Hah ! I grew up in Omaha – it’s only about 6 hours from where I live now.

    Might be worth a swing by, the next time I drive down to visit my brother.

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