The Top 9 – First Edition

OK, this is a new element here at Trollhattan. Let’s run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes.

It’s an idea sent in by new dad, NG900 owner and all round top bloke, PT.

Anyone seen the Late Show with David Letterman? (that’s a rhetorical question for US readers) On that show, Letterman has a Top 10 list every night, which is usually quite funny.

Daily status isn’t something I think we could ever aspire to here, but funny in a Saab kind of way is a distinct possibility, regardless of how often they get produced.

So, in that spirit, here’s the first Trollhattan Saab Top 9.


Top 9 reasons to still drive a C900 turbo hatch.

9. It’s beyond fashion.
8. You can put a motorcycle in it.
7. It’s officially a classic car.
6. Your accountant will respect you
5. It will cost less than a watch advertised in any of the weekend newspaper magazines.
4. After 250,000 kms it’s only just starting to feel run-in
3. You can still get the parts
2. It makes BMWs from the era look frumpy
1. It’ll cost you around 1.5% of a Porsche GT3.


Love it.

Thanks to PT for the idea, and for the first Top 9.

If you’ve got a Top 9 topic to suggest, or even a Top 9 list to submit, then feel free to shoot me an email.

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  1. So I can assume that the first royalty cheques are on their way to me Swade? Or didn’t you read the fine print way, way down at the bottom?

    Thanks for taking it on.

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