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Long-time visitor, commenter and inspiration contributor, PT, has just become a Dad again. His second child, a son, was born around 17 hours ago as I write this.

Welcome, FT!!


Saab USA are running a loyalty program until February 28.

For full details click here, or just take a peek at most of the relevant bits in the image below (enlargeable). The good news is that you can use this loyalty cash in conjunction with other current offers.

Multiple discounts for private fleet owners?? It’s a Saab thing…..



Volkswagen are looking for the oldest and highest mileage diesel cars in America. The high-miler must have its original engine.

Geeeeeee…..does that sound familiar? Hasn’t another company recently rewarded a high-mileage owner?

The winner of the VW high-miler gets six months in a Touareg, which ain’t quite the same as a brand new car, so kudos to Saab for doing it right.

Thanks Gripen


Saab of Hungary are co-ordinating the rollout of E85 fuel there. Talk about commitment to the introduction of a vehicle.

It’s my understanding that BioPower Saabs have been available in Hungary for a little while now (correct me if I’m wrong, Ivan), with nowhere to get the fuel.

“The E85-standard environmentally-friendly petrol containing bio-ethanol will be available at a few petrol stations across Hungary from mid-February…..

…..Saab, which sells E85-compatible vehicles, will co-ordinate the new fuel’s launch in Hungary…..

…..”Initially a petrol station in Budapest and three nearby will sell E85, as will Békés and Zala county units later on,” Gál added. The first E85 shipment of several tens of thousands of litres will arrive from Sweden.


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  1. While I commend SAAB Hungary for getting the ball rolling on E85 in Hungary, I’m wondering if shipping the fuel all the way from Sweden (either by diesel ship, truck, or rail) pretty much washes-out any environmental benefit the use of E85 would have had over E0…

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