Trollhattan Podcast No 2


5.5 hours later update: Apparently the Bob story is false, but who knows. The retirement story spread like wildfire and this one is, too, but the source seems smaller. i guess we’ll find out in due course.


Hi all,

Click the following link to listen to the latest TS podcast. Just a few thoughts on the whole Lutz thing and what it might mean for Saab, as well as a quick look at what’s in the product pipeline.

It’s a 7mb mp3 file. You can even look for it on iTunes and subscribe to it if you so desire.

January 2007 Podcast – Bob Lutz to retire and the need for the 9-3.

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  1. Another cracking podcast, Swade! 🙂

    The Saab 9-5 continuing to 2010? …that is incredible! – I am surprised anyone is still buying it. I think that it is only the Biopower model that is fuelling (oops, a pun) the continued sales.

    I agree with you that Germany offers huge potential, and you are right that there are shortcomings of the current Swedish offering when compared to the Germans. I am currently driving a 2006 Mercedes C200 CDI. It’s a not particularly powerful diesel automatic …but it is a lot more pleasant to drive than any Saab I have driven. OK, it is expensive for what it is and it does not have as many toys, but it is well put together, solid, and comfortable with no rattles. When the competition is this good (that’s without mentioning Audi and BMW) then the Swedes have one hell of a challenge. Even so – why have they not made further inroads into the German market? Huge potential if GM would just put its money where its mouth is and finance some decent new Saabs.

  2. So the timeframe for the future looks like this!

    summer 2007 9-3 facelift (Aero-X look, Biopower and AWD)

    late 2008 9-4X

    late 2009 new 9-5

    2010 9-1

    2011 new 9-3 and perhaps hybrid version on the new 9-5

    2012- Facelift 9-4X????

  3. John…maybe a test-drive of a Saab turbodiesel is in order as “not particularily powerfull” or “over-priced for what it is” are phrases Saab drivers dont use.

    Lutz should spend some time with the Marine Reserves in “Top Gun” school. Its a shame to see him relegated to old jets.

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