I am lost for words, really.

I assume she’s learned her lesson by now. The beauty of the internet.

Thanks Olav

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  1. I had to work 2 summers just to afford a 10+ year old Saab 2 years after I got my driver’s license.

    There is no such thing as entitlement and certainly no sympathy here.

  2. And the father offered to repaint it?!!! Yikes. My mother bought me my first car for $50 so I could drive to my first job. A 1950 Dodge which burned a quart of oil every 50 miles and I was soooo happy, bought bulk recycled oil in gallon cans. No stroker ever smoked that much.

  3. FYI, I think I read that this is a joke. It was part of the Dominos Pizza “get a car for $9.99 on eBay” promotion. There is a follow up video on You Tube.

  4. i don’t know which is funnier–the dad begging the daughter to like the car or his begging the son to turn off the camera.

  5. She just wants it in blue. Its not that big of a deal, you can switch any car that you buy for something else on the lot. Its not that she’s spoiled its just that she knew she was getting a car, just not this color. My mother went off got the car not an hour at home called the dealer and came home with a different color.

  6. yes this was a dominos pizza giveaway type thing. on ebay i believe on january 1st a 9-3 convertible went for $9.99 to go along with the whole pizza promotion.

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