US Sales Data – December 06

Wow. The US market certainly came back with a bang in December, with sales up an impressive 32.7% over the year before.

Saab USA sold the following in December 2006:

9-2x: 77 units sold. 54 were sold in Dec 05, an increase of 48%

9-3: 2,134 units sold. 1952 were sold in Dec 05, an increase of 13.5%

9-5: 688 units sold. 294 were sold in Dec 05, an increase of 143%

9-7x: 636 units sold. 466 were sold in Dec 05, an increase of 41.7%


Total Saab sales for 2006 in the US market were 36,349, which was a 5% decrease from total sales in 2005. This is somewhat disappointing over all given that Saab globally has had a record year, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be after I saw the accumulated shortfall as at Dec 1.

Congratulations to Saab USA for a better December. Here’s hoping they do all they can to carry some of that momentum through in the 60th Anniversary year.

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  1. The increase of 9-5 sales
    is very important as this
    is the flagship vehicle
    for Saab that has not fared
    as well as it’s 9-3 success
    and welcome by the market.
    The re-styled may have worked! This will provide
    excellent building blocks for future 9-5 model sales after the new model comes out in 08?

  2. It could also be that they imported a set amount of cars and kept offering better and better deals until they all went. Now that I know they offer 0% financing at the end of the year I doubt I would buy another car during the summer. I could have gotten the Aero sportcombi instead of the 2.0T for the same overall price (which is also bad for Saab’s bottom line don’t forget). Afterall, they were offering 5 grand off the price of a 9-2X to get rid of the last few…

  3. nice with the 9-5. No matter if large sale discounts where offered, a sale of almost 700 cars is very good, and I do think that if they could keep it up it will generate bottom line, as well as keep the dealers happy until new models arrive.

    It also help in building a positive/successful brand, something that is important considering GM’s overall performance, as well as SAAB’s losses.

  4. Paul,
    Think of the gas milage you are getting from the 2.0T Plus the upgrade oppotunties from BSR and even potentially green running conversions.
    I prefer mube over the Aero.

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I love the 2.0T, but the Aero has dual power seats as standard, and as my wife is always “borrowing” my car it takes a bit of time to get the seat back in position the way I like it. Memory power seats would have been advantagous. The 2.0T is still an incredible buy for the price its at (which is why I was so surprised to see the discounts on the Aero).

  6. Nice to see 9-7X sales at 636. That is 636 sales that would not have existed without said car. Now imagine what they would be like with an SUV wholly designed by Saab, you could add a “1” in front of that 636 no problem. The 9-4X couldnt come soon enough!

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