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Should have expected it…..

Autoblog have published the final results in the Reader’s Ride of the Year poll, which was won handily by Patrick’s 1987 Saab 900 Convertible. The comments section of the post is erupting with protests from people unhappy with the result. It’s pleasing to see, though, that there’s a lot of support from people defending the Saab’s right to win the poll as well. As I’ve just said in my own comment there – whilst there was a campaign to raise awareness about the poll, there’s been no campaign that I’m aware of to defend the vote, so the response from those supporting the Saab is quite heartening.

Patrick’s convertible enjoyed widespread support from the Saab community and took 28% of the total vote. This would be a small majority if there were 4 or 5 cars in the running.

There were 15.

Here’s the final results:


Congratulations to Patrick for putting together a fine example of a classic Saab.

And I wonder if Autoblog will ever include a Saab as a poll candidate again?


And speaking of polls…..

Car Design News have a pair of polls that readers can participate in. The polls are for the 2006 Concept Design of the Year and the 2006 Production Design of the Year.

The Saab Aero-X is in the running for the Concept design award, so head on over if you feel so inclined and show your support.

For what it’s worth, I voted for the Aero-X in the Concept award (of course) and the Alfa 8c Competizione in the Production award.

Thanks to Martin for the tip.


I’ve got the hots for the Saab with the dots……

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — A lucky Domino’s Pizza customer, who also is an astute eBay user, bought a brand-new 2007 Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible courtesy of Domino’s Pizza for $9.99 on New Year’s Eve.

According to a news release, the wheel deal was part of Domino’s kickoff for its Anything Goes Deal. For $9.99 customers can get any large pizza on any crust with any toppings.

To celebrate its new Anything Goes attitude, Domino’s developed an innovative contest using, where a variety of premium items are being made available daily for just $9.99.

As the ball dropped in New York City’s Times Square, Domino’s kicked off the contest by posting the first item, a 2007 Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible, for sale for the fabulous price of $9.99 on eBay. In less than a minute, one lucky winner found the car on eBay and bought it.

I wonder if he got a garlic bread and a Coke as well.

Lucky sod.


Sweden’s new car sales in 2006 totalled around 282,500 and of these, almost 37,000 were “green cars”. The biggest seller in this category was the Saab 9-5 Biopower.

Some analysts expect the green market in Sweden to almost quadruple in size in the next 5 years but only if the government there live up to promises they made with regard to ongoing tax relief for alternative fuel vehicles.

With the 9-3 BioPower still to come (as well as any other new models released that are BioPower capable), you can bet Saab will be doing everything it can to retain and grow it’s share of this segment in Sweden.

More at The Local.


Just quietly, I’m almost getting to a tipping point:

SOC vs Viggen upgrades.

Tough choices to be made.

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  1. Unfortunaly we have a new government here in sweden now and the only thing they have done so far is to raise the costs for the car owners. This hits perticalary hard on the car entusiasts that have several cars (I am one of those). So I have litle hope of seeing this government to do anything to promote anything that has to do with cars, even “green” ones…

  2. Swade,

    SOC, a no brainer in my mind.

    This 60th SOC will never happen again, you will finally get to meet everyone in person here stateside, plus all of your other friends and colleagues, myself included.

    You can do upgrades “any time”.

    I trust you will make the right decision Swade. 🙂

  3. Ryan,

    I have a mortgage and a family to feed. This is a one-or-the-other decision, I’m afraid. The 60th gig is incredibly tempting, but I’ve been waiting to do up the Viggen for a long time now.

    It’s not a decision that needs to be made right now, but it’s just stuf to think about as the year progresses.

  4. Swade,

    Thanks for the information. I just realize it will be a memorable event. I also believe that lots of Saab Enthusiasts from around the world want to finally meet you to thank you in person with a solid handshake for your hard work promoting the Saab brand.

  5. How bout we hold a owners convention in Tasmania (Birthplace of Trollhattan Saab)

    Save Swade $$$ and we will be able to thank him in person (and also show him how appreciative we are)

    It can be call the Trollhattan Saab Convention (TSC)

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