Welcome back, Baby!


I’m Swade, and for those of you that are new around here – this is my car:


It’s a 1999 Saab 9-3 Viggen.

Why am I introducing it?

Well, after a month of not driving it due to a blown front shock absorber, it’s now fixed. I feel like I’ve just purchased it all over again!

I now have Koni adjustable shocks all round. I’m a little worried about their longevity as Koni exclude the Viggen from their product list, but with the Konis now in all four corners I’ve got to say it feels great. The car feels incredibly stable through corners at normal speeds. I haven’t given it a good bit of Welly yet, but I’m sure it’ll track well at speed too.

It’s just given me a brand new appreciation of this car all over again. If you can stand to do it, try giving up your car for a month. You’ll sure appreciate it when you get back in.

And it’s becoming my firm belief that every Saab enthusiast should own either an Aero or Viggen model at some time in their life. This car is so good.

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  1. There is something about that earlier cosmic blue on Viggens and pre-01 9-5 Aeros. Glad you can enjoy the Saab driving experience again and appreciate the power of turbocharging!

  2. Glad you’re back in your favorite ride Swade. Somehow, I don’t think if I gave my Chevy Cavalier up for a month I’d ever want to get back into it.

  3. Ted Y,

    That was funny. I felt the same way about our Dodge minvan.

    My chiropractor actually does drive a Cavalier. That surprised me but I later found out that he drives 120 miles each day. It may be cheap transportation, but I’d rather lose money and enjoy driving a Saab.

  4. Swade, nice car. It must be nice to have it back. Tomorrow will mark 4 weeks without my 9000 Aero. I did a bit of work on it my self, but wanted to leave the heavy lifting to my trusted indy. (Lower engine mounts). Well, once it got on the rack, we noticed the water pump was leaking… and with Christmas in there, the fix got pushed off until the part could come. Long story short, I should pick it up tomorrow. I can’t wait.

    I have, however, had a fairly nice progression of cars to borrow, and even did a bit of extra biking (the weather cooperated here in northern California… but I’d like some snow… it’ll be about 5degC for the high today).

    Let’s see, I started with my dad’s (awesome) 1989 (e30) M3. Two weeks total. And, both my brothers were out of town for different parts of the holiday season, so I got ’98 Toyota 4Runner, and ’95 Tacoma for a week each. I do like that chassis.

    Love the Viggens.

    ’93 9000 Aero, 5spd, 80K miles, new oil/filter, coolant, engine mounts, control arm bushings, serp belt, idler pulleys, shift linkage… I think that’s it.

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