Welcome Saab Club of Estonia!

Two new Saab clubs on the list in two days!

Having seen the entry below for Saab Club Nederlands, Taavi has written to me informing me about the Estonian Saab Club.

Their website is at www.saabnet.ee but Taavi tells me that any Estonians looking to get in touch would be best to use the club’s forum area as the main website is fairly static at this point.

I had my first bit of Estonian Saab contact only two weeks ago with this SOTW entry. Good to see there’s some more Saab life there.

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  1. Hei
    There is pretty active “club life” inside this saabnet.ee. Recent event was ice-track racing. Summer and winter unions are traditional. I started also the tradition of the yearly t-shirt of the SAABNET.EE. Occasionally we gather for some good reason (mostly that someone has bought a SAAB:) and have some beers and chat.
    We have lots of unregistred visitors and pretty much registred (need to ask our adminitrator about the exact figures) but its active, mixed and tolerating community

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