Welcome Saabclub.nl

Thanks to Dennis S for getting in touch and letting me know about the Saab Club Nederland, who can be found at Saabclub.nl

Any of you orange-wearing Saabnuts that aren’t hooked up yet, go pay them a visit.

This is Dennis’ own classic 900 and if it’s typical of the vehicles you’ll see at a Dutch event, then count me in and heat up the Poffertjespan!


UPDATE: in checking out the site I note they started in the late 1950’s and now have around 2,300 member!!! Wo!

Is there a bigger Saab Car Club on earth?



PS – There’s a whole list of Saab Car Clubs in the sidebar to the right. If you’re not a member of a Saab Car Club, there may be one near you.

If you’re a member of a Saabclub that’s not listed there then email me and I’ll gladly add your group to the list.

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  1. I don’t think that Saab Turbo Club of Sweden has much more members then that. I know that Svenska Saabklubben has about 2,200 members.

  2. STCS doesn’t say antything about number of members on their home page. I think Saab Club Nederlands 2.300 is impressive. Ok, they have almost dubble the number of people in the Nederlands compared to Sweden, but Saab market there share isn’t 10% (or even 5%). 🙂

  3. As reported last week only 10% of all new Saab (9-5 at least) is sold to private costumers in Sweden, the rest is corporate. The corporate don’t really car about the brand and not all of the private to, they just see it as a nice Swedish car. If you buy a Saab on a small market I would assume that you are more of a Saab freak then the normal Swedish Saab buyer. Then there are several Saab clubs in Sweden, which makes the freaks more spread out. I myself is a member of Svenska Saabklubben and not STCS since the latter don’t have any interests of the northern part of Sweden. Saab Club Nederland has an impressive number of members.

  4. Almost all of those corporate Saab’s end up with private customers after three years (like my own 9-3). And I think it’s more common that someone buying an older Saab is interested enough to join a club (because he needs someone to ask about stuff, for example) than someone who have the money to buy a brand new one.

    Then it’s like you say. There are several clubs in Sweden. And also Swedish people are not that keen so socialise in clubs… 🙂

    Which one is the biggest club in Sweden? Is it Saabklubben?

  5. In addition to our Dutch SAABclub.nl I also would like to inform y’all about the even bigger SAABforum.nl! With more than 4000 unique members and still counting! Most of them are also dedicated SAABclub.nl members by-the-way.
    I hope our Dutch is not too difficult to understand.

    With kind regards, http://www.saabforum.nl

  6. Maybe the dutch Saab-club isn’t that big but it still is an active club that excist for 48 years now so i think it’ll be one of the oldest. 🙂
    Dutch Saab-forum member

  7. Hi
    I have the official figures. By december 31st 2006, Saabklubben had 2363 members, today we have something around 2400 ++

    Former chairman

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