What is the Black Turbo?


There’s been some rumours floating around of a project at Saab called “Black Turbo”, which apparently pertains to the updated 9-3 range that we’ll see later this year. It’s believed to be a boosted engine configuration, though I haven’t heard any pariculars as to whether it relates to a four or six cylinder engine.

Given that the updated 9-3 will be getting an AWD setup, one could guess that the Black Turbo project is a boosted engine setup that would be available due to the power being distributed via all four wheels.

One Swedish contact via email offered the following:

[a guy he knows from GM powertrain]……has been in Death Valley driving a 300 hp engine for an GM project, but not knowing for which product i could guess that it might be for the 9-3 with XWD.

Obviously this is quite speculative.

If you’ve got any info on the Black Turbo project then feel free to clue us in via comments. Or, if you prefer the more anonymous approach, contact me directly via email.

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  1. Why not throw all caution to the wind and put a big-bloc Chevy V-8 with turbocharger under the hood of the new 9-3. The world’s fastest sedan we’ll call it.

    Talk about torque steer…

  2. 300 hp twin-twinscroll (hell, a single twin-scroll would be amazing) turbo with AWD…. that’s the “must have” complaints… I’d buy it this!!!

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