Worldwide Aero Academy

I got this suggestion via email from Koo Wee Leng:

One effective way to increase the sale of the coming AWD Saab 9-3 is for new owners to attend a free one-week training course with Saab Performance Team at Sweden.

Now, I’m quite sure that this would be beyond the resources of Saab to even begin to consider.

But wouldn’t it be good if the three major markets, the US, Great Britain and Sweden all had their own version of the Aero Academy?

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  1. I know that there used to be a free education day at the Kinnekulle racetrack if you ordered an Aero spec. Saab. Dont know wether that’s still available though.

  2. It does sound prohibitively expensive, but they could do the Aero Academy in Canada for all North American customers. We’ve got plenty of cold and ice up in the Grim North. 🙂

  3. An AWD 9-3 will sell herself, I suppose… :)))
    However, the idea is good, but it’s more realistic to organize some workshops by the local dealers guided by a member of the SPG, at the local race track/technical driving center.

  4. If not exactly like the Aero Academy, some kind of owners gathering arranged by Saab(annually/bi-annually)and with some race track possibilities, it surely would be popular? And thing is, if it was done properly us owners would not mind paying a fee either.

  5. Marc, indeed they do – at the link provided in the post.

    I was just daydreaming as to how effective it might be to have a similar setup in the UK and Sweden.

    Come to think of it, it might be a good marketing ploy for the German market, too. It could use a boost.

  6. ChrisG,

    Saab discontinued mailing these out to customers, only to new customers only.

    The Saab Magazine for U.S. Customer’s is very hard to get.

    Word on the street is that Saab Magazine will be complimentary with a new NINES subscription with the Saab Club of North America (SCNA.COM)

  7. So long as this car is indeed produced and delivered to purchase, I will most probably attempt to buy one. No need to go all the way to Sweden to test it as I am sure will be a ripper of a thing.

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