Worst. Driving. Ever.

What good are you if you can’t laugh at yourself?

This is not my finest moment, but it’s a moment nonetheless. Never let it be said that I try and cover stuff like this up.

The ironic part is that this is the only moment of my 10 laps in 5 different Saabs that was caught on film. Ah well. And yes, it’s a diesel. I managed to push a diesel off a corner!

Enjoy. Your laughter is welcome in comments unless your name is Drew B, in which case you can just shut your darn piehole already…..;-)

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  1. The tyres were a joint effort between yourself and I, argh Tony B’s face will never be forgotten and the Saaboligist rolling around in fits of laughter on the ground..fun times


    And Drew, get back on Ebay!!
    What a pisser!!

  2. They must have been the Pirelli P6 that are stock, they chew! Changed mine half an hour after I got my new Combi. Toyo TPT if anybody wants to know.
    You are one lucky guy to be doing what your doing even at the expense of Saab no less! Move your ARSE! Keep up the great work. B šŸ˜‰

  3. Brian,

    I wouldn’t know what tyres the 9-5 Aero had on it, buy the time swady and i had finished the side walls were bald and the dealer was having kittens..but he is a good sport and nervously laughed it off.


  4. From memory they were Michelins on the 9-5. I know what you mean about P6’s though. Much like the yokos on my 900 for that matter.

  5. So that’s where the old shockers off his Viggen went…

    It was not the tyres, it was the suede road surface mate.

    As Jackie Stewart said, “in a corner never put the power on until you certain you won’t have to lift off again”.

  6. Nice work Swade!

    First it’s print journo’s writing off Lambo’s, now the bloggers are having offs in swedish french fry burners!

    Your going to give us bloggers a bad rap! šŸ˜‰

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