1998 Saab Dealer Trophy

Back in 1998, the Saab dealership here in Tasmania belonged to Kingsway Motors. It was one of the better dealerships in Australia and the streets of Hobart reflect this. I live in a Saabtown.

Kingsway was sold to another company shortly after 1998. They bought it mainly for the prime real estate it occupied in the affluent Sandy Bay area. The new owners maintained it as a Saab franchise for a few years, but it was a train wreck. I remember going in there once, looking at a 9-3 Monte Carlo, and having the sales guy tell me about these “quirky Swiss cars”. Hmph!

Kingsway, in it’s prime, was a great dealership though. My mechanic, Steve E, was the lead mechanic there and they had around 1,100 clients on their books. When Steve left to work at his current workshop, he took 1,000 of those clients with him, such was the level of service and high quality work.

It’s no wonder, then, that Kingsway was awarded the 1998 Saab Rural Customer Service Award. This is the trophy they received:


The former Customer Service Manager now works with another company and one of my fellow club members here in Tasmania gets his tyres from him. They got to talking about Saabs and he mentioned that he had some Kingsway memorabilia in the closet. Not only that, he’d be happy for the club to archive it and keep it all safe and appreciated.

This is the first of those pieces.

It’s made of a green perspex type material, very similar in look and feel to the materials used in the centre console of the Aero-X, in fact.

And as current chairman of the Tasmanian Branch of the club, it looks quite nice on my window ledge right now!

Please keep the phallic comments to yourselves. I know, I know….

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