9-3 Nordic lovin

So who’s up for a bit of lovin, Nordic style? And has a 5-door car ever looked so good?


This is Dan’s 2002 9-3 Turbo Anniversary, with a few tweaks to boot. The turbo anniversary models were one of those great deals where Saab opened the parts store and options them up quite nicely.

This one’s got a Viggen style body kit, for instance, and it looks pretty darn sweet with those Aero six spoke wheels.

It’s not only easy on the eye, as all things Nordic should be, it’s also damn quick. Dan’s specced it up to Stage 4 using equipment from Swedish tuners, Nordic. A quick look at his Garaget page shows a dyno sheet listing 231hp and 346Nm.

Dans also the creative brains behind Griffin Gear, who I mentioned on here a month or so ago. With a car like this, it’s easy to see where he get the inspiration for his T-shirts!




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  1. I’ve seen this viggen, i mean, 9-3se before. The specs are succesfully Viggen grade.

    Many tuners claim to get app. 220hp and 250-260 ft lbs of torque, stock, at the wheel. Depends greatly on temperature and grade of fuel.

    That car looks great though. When I get my Viggen, i’ll definetely keep racks on to add to the sleeper look :)…

  2. Hey thanks for posting!
    that last dyno of 231 WHP was before I had added stage 4 hardware, intercooler and software updates. Looking to dyno again soon. That was on normal pump gas, and it’s only an automatic 4 speed… so I am pleased with the gains I have achieved.

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