9-3 photos removed

A quick note:

I have been contacted by the US agent for Hans G Lehmann, the spy photo guy, and have been asked to remove the photos posted of the MY2008 Saab 9-3 that first appeared on Left Lane News. It seems that LLN actually paid for the rights to use these, something that surprised me given the willingness they’ve had to use material without attribution in the past. More power to them for doing the right thing, I say.

I’ll be removing these momentarily, but am also looking into the cost of purchasing the rights to use them and any upcoming shots in the future (this task would be made a bucketload easier if Hidden Image or Hans Lehmann had an easily identified web presence). It’s a goal of mine to make TS the place to visit for all the latest information and imagery. Blogs live or die by the quality of their content, so I’ll see whether the costs are prohibitive and hopefully we can all continue to enjoy the journey.

Leftlane News has the original photos.



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  1. Thanks for the notice and I’m glad to see you’re handling this the right way.

    As an aside, does the grill on the spy pics look like a covering for the real grill or is it just me?

  2. Double-edged sword, Eggs. I just hope the cost isn’t prohibitive, but I guess if LLN can do it, I may be able to do it too.

    It’d help if Lehmann’s US agent would reply to his freaking emails!!

  3. Hi there Swade,
    if you mail me , ill let your mail get towards Hans Lehmann . I told him today that you like to buy the pictures ( my pictures by the way πŸ˜‰ ) and he told me that hidden image would cantact you . I guess thats not the case then , so just mail me and ill let Hans know.

    Cheers from Sweden

  4. Smart move Swadey- Lehmann is the photo King and I had worried about you running those shots – even with his name on.

    It could have got legal…

    I think the price to run them might be a shock to your system mate…

    Waiting in anticipation.

  5. “…something that surprised me given the willingness they’ve had to use material without attribution in the past…”

    Just so you know, we pay for all the spy photos we use from Lehman, Priddy, and KGP. We spend thousands a month on photos. πŸ™‚

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