9-7x: Global and local

I’m pleased to present what I believe is my first 9-7x photo from a reader of this blog. I have a promise that a review will be coming in soon from another guy as well, but this is the first photo to come in if my memory serves me correctly.

And rather amazingly, it’s from a 9-7x owner in SWITZERLAND!

This blue 9-7x belongs to Adrian W. I didn’t get any details about how long he’s had it and I will email him back and ask for some more info, but I was so excited that I just had to post it.



Ted Y, who is quite possibly still on his 8-hour drive home from picking up his new 9-3 (if he’s not broken down somewhere chatting up Heather Locklear), sent me this link regarding 9-7x sales in his native Cleveland area. It’s from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and it seems a number of Saab’s growing January sales, and 9-7x sales in particular, are coming from that area if the local dealerships are to be believed.

“Actually, in the Greater Cleveland area, sales are up more than five percent, reports Chris Houdek, general manager of Mazda Saab of Bedford. “We just came from our dealer meeting and were told that sales here are up around 10 to 12 percent.”

“Right now, the 9-3 sport sedan is selling, because it’s priced so well,” he says. “And the 9-7 has taken off because we never had a truck or a four-wheel-drive vehicle in that segment.”

That’s what the 9-7x was all about – getting a good vehicle into that particular segment, which Saab hadn’t been entered in before.

One of the other dealers in the area, Classic Saab, is also fond of the vehicle:

“The 9-7 is one of our best sellers so far,” says Ray Sminchak sales manager at the dealership. “In fact, the day we moved here, it was the first vehicle we sold and delivered out of our new location.”

They’re talking up the Born From Jets campaign, too.

“It’s been a very well accepted campaign,” says Houdek. “We were told that it was the number eight advertising campaign in the U.S. in terms of awareness. Of course, key promotions like having the Saab Performance Driving team perform at the Air Show in September only helped local sales.”

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  1. Denver 1999 9-3 Saab owner (bought in 2005); I am a new visitor to your site and enjoy it very much; I hope to have some things to contribute in the future; for now, though, respectfully – how about changing the spelling on your newest headline to ‘global’?

    Great job on your weblog, sir! What a great wealth of information for a new Saab afficionado like I am!

    Thank you most kindly. Tim

    Thanks Tim! First contribution’s a good ‘un – SW.

  2. i was just reading some threads in some saab forums about the 9-7x and most people are complaining about the quality and realiability

  3. http://townhall-talk.edmunds.com/WebX/.ef22c7b?displayRecent

    in this huge thread they constantly throughout the whole thread complain about leaks and quality issues regarding the interior build quality.

    heres another one where a driver finds out that all the 5.3i 9-7x he drove they all had a constant vibration when going 75.


    i love the 9-7x exterior and interior both, i was shocked when i read about so many unhappy customers. ive sat in the 9-7x at the dealership and was very pleased with the interior and great looks of the car.

  4. Took a look. There’s some annoying problems there and some stories of shoddy service. I don’t think they’re too numerous to be unacceptable though, and perhaps (just perhaps) some folks are expecting things beyond that which the 9-7x delivers (pls remember I said ‘perhaps’).

    Bottom line, i’m still satisfied about the number of good stories and happy owners I’ve heard from, a number of whom were in those forums.

    It sounds to me like the quality of your dealership is a real key ingredient in the quality of your ownership experience with this vehicle.

  5. In my opinion such cars like BMW X5, Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne or this Saab 9-7X are fossils or will become in some years .
    Looking at the evident climate changes which are caused by the increasing carbondioxide output of mankinds industry, traffic and agriculture the car producing industry must reduce this carbondioxide output to a large extent.
    Nowadays a Porsche Cayenne Turbo releases 360 g carbondioxide/km,
    a Toyota Prius 104 g/km.
    In these days the states of the European Union are discussing a proposal by the EU-commissioner for environment of a limit-value of 120g carbondioxide/km.
    Of course there are strong resistances by the European car-makers, specially the Germans.
    But the bushs are already burning and now the part of time to extinguish the fires is decreasing very fast.

  6. Hi Swade.
    I just wanted to tell you that there was a first review of SAAB 9-7x here in my country (Serbia) and I have to say that it was all positive. The only thing that was considered as “bad” is the fact that it has only 4 gears. Oh, they tested it offroad also and that was very funny. The driver was thrown up and down like mad and his comment was “if you are not wearing seatbelt you are going to be thrown out of your seat”. And you can see that he was heaving fun. 🙂 But he didn’t hold it against it because he explained that this is an “urban SUV” that is more comfortable on streets than it is offroad, not that it can’t perform offroad as well. And I liked how he explained that SAAB had to make this SUV with already available GM parts as much as possible and made a very good job.
    Here is a link to Andrija Kulundzic (host of “Top Speed” tvshow and former Porsche profesional driver) throwing SAAB 9-7x offroad.


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