9-3 SportCombi Long-Term test update

One thing I noted with a grin about 1985Gripen’s coverage of the San Diego 60th Anniversary event was his amazement that Motor Trend’s article, whilst quite positive, seemed pretty short and generic. I’ve published about 4,000 words by Gripen on the event, as well as about 70 photos so far and there’s more to come. Motor Trend stayed in a beautiful hotel, drove some very rare and pristine old machinery and then wrote about 600 words, inserted some GM stock photography and whammo – a magazine article.

Such is one guy’s introduction to the world of ‘automotive journalism’.

I, too, was amazed when another well known publication approached me about using some reader-drafted cgi’s on their website as an indication as to what’s coming from Saab.

Not quite rising to the exact same level of cruisiness as Motor Trend, but almost, is European Car’s long-term test of a 2006 9-3 SportCombi Aero. Their job goes a little like this:

– Take posession of fantastic V6 9-3 Aero SportCombi

– Drive it around for a year

– Once every three months during that year, write about a road trip or something.

I don’t know that that’s exactly what they plan to do when they get one of these long-termers, but it’s what they’ve done so far.

How do I get myself one of these gigs? I publish, on average, around 3 articles per day about Saab and have done so for two years now. Give me a 9-3 SportCombi Aero for a year and I’ll gladly give everyone a daily update on how it’s going and where I’ve been!!

Anyway, with that rant over…… European Car have posted an update on their long-term Saab. Their first piece back in November last year was an introductory number and they were quite positive about it then.

Three months later they’re just about giddy with happiness over the ride, the comfort, the versatility……you name it – they love it.

….this Saab performs like a champ in such conditions….

….equipped with plush multi-position leather seats, which I must say are as comfortable as any seats in which I’ve parked this 200 pounds of ugly….

….I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the car reacted to some of the more severe altitude changes. Even when I thought for sure I’d have to dip into boost, I really didn’t….

….we skirted numerous scenic lakes including Crowley, Mono, and Topaz, the SportCombi seemingly having more fun than a kid at summer camp….

….We’d decided long ago that the Saab was perfect for this kind of trip, a great mix of sporting fun and and modern technology seasoned with the right amount of style and comfort. If you’re in the market for a small SUV, take a good hard look at the Saab 9-3 Aero SportCombi. You won’t be sorry.

There’s the really complimentary bits. The good old basic complimentary bit (i.e. the rest of the article) is only a click away.

It’s a quick read and should be enough to tell you what a lot of folks already know – the 9-3 SportCombi’s one heck of a good Saab.

Now where’s mine?

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