A couple of Saab stories….

A new family has moved in…………into my Viggen.

I’ve liberated two of these in the last few days – one via lethal means – I have no tolerance for spiders that invade my personal space. There’s at least one more currently hiding under my passenger seat.


It’s a huntsman spider, pretty common down here and whilst their bite isn’t particularly dangerous (localised pain and swelling only) they are a scary looking creature. They’re about 10-12cm across in size and quite hairy. Despite living around them for 36 years now they never fail to give me a shock when I first see them.

I don’t want it running across my legs whilst driving, so i’ll be getting a can of bug killer onto it later.


Now for a much scarier story – one of the moderators at SaabCentral, Timmehhhhh, was carjacked at gunpoint recently. His 9-5 was taken.

Thankfully he wasn’t hurt in the incident and he’s recently got the 9-5 back with minimal damage. Which makes me feel OK about sharing this little bit of the story. A touch of humour in what would have been a harrowing ordeal.

A guy with the handle “TakeItEasy” wrote:

Too bad you couldn’t have just let the car stall out and then hope he didn’t know where the ignition was.

The ignition must have been off already, because according to Timmehhhhh:

He didn’t know where the ignition was, he asked me

Ha! Imagine bundling someone out of their car at gunpoint then having to ask where the key is. I hope they catch the mongrel and soon.

And I’m glad you and your 9-5 are OK, Timmehhhhh.

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  1. Swade, spiders scare the sh*t out of me and something that size would totally freak me out and Id probably scream like a big girl!

    Gotta say, that spider has great taste in cars though.

  2. Swade – don’t kill the spider – you may just put them on the CITES list of endangered species.

    About the carjacking at gunpoint – Michele Lupini of Cars in Action fame in South Africa had a similar ordeal with a 9-5 Aero at home. The mongrel also did not know how to start it and ended up taking the second car parked in the garage – him and his family also managed to escape unscathed but the psychological damage to their nerves was enough. I wish this to happen to no one.

  3. The car is still in the impound lot while the police station is dealing with the impound lot where the car is currently at, hopefully they can resolve it soon or else I’ll have to pay $400+ in storage fees and another $100 to tow the car.

    I’m going to be ordering a lock cylinder from the dealership tomorrow; it’s going to take three weeks since it needs to be custom made in Sweden. I’m not sure why the thieves decided to bust my lock cylinder even though they had my key, maybe because I lied and said my cell phone was in my glove box. I don’t think the thieves were after car parts; the car was mostly intact, the only part that seemed to be stolen was the battery. My GPS, radar detector, digital camera, and laptop were the big items stolen from the car, totaling maybe $2000-3000.

    It’s great that modern culture flashes so many things at you at once. I’ve mostly forgotten about the incident and can sleep at night again, although it was traumatic enough to make waiting in a car feel somewhat nerve-wracking.

  4. Hey, I’m sorry to hear what happened. That’s horrible. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better, sometimes it’s not easy to get over it…

  5. The bit about having to pay impound fees actually angers me more than the theft.

    Someone puts a gun to you and steals your ride and the government is like, “whatever dude, you owe us for towing”. It’s like being robbed twice.

    I had a roommate in collage who’s 1986 Oldsmobile Delta88 was stolen (while is was parked next to my 1989 Oldsmobile Delta88?). Anyway, after two weeks someone mentioned he should call the impound lot. Sure enough the POLICE impound lot had his car, and had been in their possession for 5 days.

    A short and angry conversation ensued in which they informed him that yes they knew he had reported it stolen and no, they don’t call people to let them know the car had been found.

    He had to pay the towing, impound, storage fees and the ticket for the car being left in a no parking zone!

  6. Swade,

    Those spiders look eeeevil- and 4+ inches is the point at which they can start doing what they wanna do. What are you thinking?! This is why you gotta move to the northern U.S. or Canada…too many weird animals there down under. πŸ™‚

  7. One very nice thing about the cold Minnesota winter is that it kills bugs and other little critters. Hard for spiders, cockroaches, etc., to get too big when they only have a life expectancy of 6-9 months!

  8. A FOUR INCH spider!?!? Jeez, where do you live, “Skull Island”? πŸ˜‰

    I know I’m going to sound like the sissy here, but let me suggest you don’t kill it. Use your superior human brain power to capture it (come on, you can outsmart it!) and release it somewhere far from your house. Take it for a ride in the Viggen.

    Everything in the world is interconnected. Who knows, maybe a yet-to-be-born descendant of this spider bites a future dictator-to-be, killing him from infection or something. You know, the butterfly wings theory. It could happen! πŸ˜‰

  9. Thanks, Saaboy. I missed that film (wasn’t that a Ashton Kutcher classic?), but I caught Jeff Goldblum’s character’s explanation of Chaos Theory involving the butterfly wings thing in Jurassic Park.

    I think I was thinking of the Smashing Pumpkins song “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” (“despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage…”). πŸ™

  10. 1985 Gripen, whaddaya mean dont kill it are you insane?! I am the first to admit that spiders freak me out and if I saw something THAT big I would probably scream like a girl. There are plenty of spiders in Australia so killing one isnt gonna make that much difference. I wouldnt be able to do it though – Id have to get a ‘real man’ to do it for me!

    Swade, kill the darned thing unless you want your Viggen to become a home for monster spiders. How did it get in there anyway?

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