A Man’s Game

Nothing Saaby here, just a post to note the start of the football season here in Australia. Australian rules football is, by far, the greatest game known to mankind. I was born and raised in Melbourne, which is also where the game was born and it’s something very close to religion there.

The 2007 pre-season competition got underway last weekend and my team, Carlton, beat one of it’s arch-enemies, Essendon.

Given that Carlton has endured four years in the wilderness as one of the worst teams in the competition, this rare win was something to get excited about. We’re rebuilding through the draft so it was good to see some of these young players going so well.

I might actually have something to smile about this year. Go Blues!!


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  1. I always knew the pants had excellent taste, Matt.

    The good thing about Carlton this year is that there’s few expectations. All we have to do is emerge from the cellar.

    Freo, on the other hand. your window is well and truly open. Anything less than a top four finish and you ought to be flogging yourselves with a cat ‘o nine tails.

  2. No, that’s the field umpire. Previously known as “you great white maggot” (best yelled at full volume) you now have to insert the color they’re wearing on the occasion to the title.

    Umpires are not very popular. This one’s probably calling out to his seeing eye dog (out of frame) as he’s obviously missing the attack on the Carlton player’s head, for which he should have been awarded a free kick.

  3. I agree though Steve
    It is without a doubt the best spectator sport there is.
    Meat pies V.B and some snags on the barby
    Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy
    And to see the crowd all mixed in together and going off their nuts.
    Danni’s Nan also supports Carlton(silly old cow)
    and at 80 years of age she will drink almost a full carton of V.B whilst watching her team crash and burn and she loves to let the telly and umpire know what she thinks of it.
    What a Granny legend.Tough as old R.M.williams boots

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