All help welcome: mirror buttons

This question arrived via email and I’m kind of curious myself.

Anyone know what these buttons on the rear-view mirror of the BioPower100 concept vehicle are for?

Replies welcome in comments….


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  1. Yes, we know. and there are 6 of them, one masterswitch and 5 individual buttons, scattered around in the interior on a ergonomic basis, in order to allow the co-pilot and all other crewmembers to get out when not satisfied with the driving style of the pilot.

  2. Afterburner exhaust bay door opens, intake allows 100 octane fuel stash to be accessed, and the last one is for the from canards and delta wing.

    EVERYONE knows the ejector seat button is located conveniently on the back of the steering wheel.

  3. Not only for the US market but also the swedish, standard on a 9-5 vector kombi 2.3t 2002 MY 2003 and the compas in the mirror also as a standard, maybe in combination with a pilot pack or so.

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