Another club joins the list

Another Saab club has been added to the list on the sidebar.

I was contacted by Jose, who let me know about the Saab Club of Portugal. Theres a simple club site there and a forum for members and guests to sort out their Saab stuff.

Jose himself has been a Saab guy for as long as he can remember – his father was a mechanic in the local Saab dealership when he was a kid.

This is Jose’s 9000. A fine example, too.


If you’re a member of a Saab car club that’s not yet mentioned in the sidebar on the right, shoot me an email with the details for the club and I’ll be happy to add it on.

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  1. Great-looking car. The second generation 9k looks so much better than the first generation.

    You know, perhaps Saab could break with the current numbering scheme and create a 5-door or wagon to compete with the Volvo XC lineup and name it the 9000. It just might work!

  2. Don’t those wheels look fantastic!

    Does as much for the 9000 as decent alloys do for thw 9-3 mark one

    What make are the wheels- anyone know?

  3. Thanks Eggsy,

    Its Saturday here in the UK and I am off to browse 9000s with silly thoughts of a late model on a set of those wheels…

    Mid life crisis you understand- and cheaper than an affair with a high cost female….

  4. Hi…
    Thanks for the nice compliments…..
    The wheels are Audi´s RS4 replicas in 18″
    Have to say that those wheels look satandart option don´t they??
    I was trying to make a change without the “rice” and witout “crashing” with the design of the car…

    I think it went well… 😉

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