Apologies in advance

That might seem like a wierd title for a posting on a blog, but the alternative title was “Ladies….no more scrotum envy!!”

Saab UK now have a second accessory for the ladies to go along with their special Saab scarf. This new piece is by the same designer, Osman Yousefzada, and is a small white purse, designed for the ladies to store their Saab key in a stylish, easy to find manner.

Those of you who have experienced the depths of a ladies handbag know that it can be quite a voluminous experience. Saab UK have estimated that on average, a woman spends up to a day per year, in total, fumbling through her handbag looking for her keys.

Seriously. So, Osman’s put together this snappy little number:


And when it’s not holding on to her keys, it will look just perfect hanging from her Saab tow bar…..


Like I said, apologies in advance. I hope the site can still be regarded as family friendly.

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