BioPower100 coverage is widespread

Any excuse to show the best damn tail lamps EVER one more time….


I’m a little surprised, but pleasantly so, to see the Saab BioPower100 concept receiving the widespread coverage that it is. The car will be making it’s debut at Geneva next month but automotive websites all over the US and elsewhere have been covering it.

So far, I’ve spotted coverage at Winding Road, Just-Auto, The GM Source, Car Keys, 4Car, WhatCar?, Car Magazine, Autoblog Green and Edmunds Inside Line – and that’s NOT a full list.

So what’s the point of linking up all these?

Saab USA debuted a BioPower concept at an American Auto Show last year that was reasonably similar. It was a BioPower Beast producing pretty decent numbers but was, when the rubber hit the road, just a 9-5 on the stand with the word BioPower written accross it. I don’t seem to recall this same level of coverage for that car.

With the exception of the coolest tail lamps EVER and some other nice styling changes, this show car will be a pretty similar affair. A 9-5 up on a stand.

So where’s the difference?

Well, I don’t want to downplay the importance of the E100 drivetrain. This is a significant development but one that’s mostly conceptual in its importance. To put it clearly – it’s great, but on a practical level most people have trouble getting E85, let alone E100.

I think the main factor at play here, the main reason why Saab’s getting a lot more coverage on this Concept vehicle, is the Aero-X.

The Aero-X put Saab on the map again at Geneva last year. Add to it a record sales year in 2006 and all of a sudden Saab seems a bit more relevant again. A bit more worthy of a mention in some of these publications.

Saab have been undervalued and underestimated for quite a while now and it’s great to see them getting a little more of the kudos they deserve.

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  1. The 9-5 “BioPower Beast” you mention was debuted at the Los Angeles International Auto Show in January, 2006.

    I don’t know what the official name of this concept was though. It was quite a bit more powerful than the BioPower 9-5 that was already on sale in Sweden at the time, if I remember correctly.

    I remembered that Concept as well and when I learned about the high-power BioPower100 9-5 I asked one of SAAB’s engineering managers if this is the same car and he said, “no”, but didn’t elaborate.

  2. I know you’re not one to “toot your own horn” Swade, so I’ll toot it for you (wait, that doesn’t sound right at all…): TrollhattanSAAB had the world exclusive announcement of the SAAB BioPower100 Concept almost a full FIVE DAYS before the official SAAB announcement and all the other automotive “journos” Swade listed picked-up the story!

    Check back here for all your breaking SAAB news!

  3. As Saab increases the use of Biopower throught the Saab lineup, I like that they are not just looking at E85. It is also great that the existing 9-3 and 9-5 could handle introduction of a new fuel if it were suddenly widespread. I cannot wait until we see more E85 here in the US!!
    Also, the tail lamps are gorgeous and I LOVE the exhaust! Let’s hope Aero models (and base even) get that treatment in the near future.

  4. Wide press coverage indeed – but what struck me most (apart from the taillights which should have been part of the facelift last year), was that the article on Car Magazine’s website said the car would be officially unveiled at Geneva’s motor show in March, next to the facelifted 9-3!
    The question then is, what will Saab present in Sweden this summer, then?

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