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UPDATED – The software has been upgraded and everything’s now working OK. I upgraded to 1.5GB RAM, too. It’s now a Black Turbo Mac!

Comments should now be functioning normally.


Here’s something to consider…..

Several people have kindly offered to contribute a little towards the cost of my ticket to Sweden for Saab festival in June. As I said, it’s a kind offer, but I don’t believe in getting something for nothing, so…

I’ve re-jigged the silhouette and lettering featuring on the banner of the website into what I think is a pretty smart looking logo. I’ve put it on a Cafepress organic cotton Tee, available here, but the real question to think about is this…..

The Cafepress tees, while OK, aren’t quite as smart as I’d like them to be. So, if there’s enough interest, I’ll get some decent quality polo shirts made up with the logo embroidered in about the same place.

The shirts would be predominantly white with another color as well as a highlight and the logo would be a bit bigger than on the T-shirt pictured below (the Cafepress item). I’m trying to keep the price for the embroidered shirt to A$40 plus postage (or you could take advantage of my European Delivery Program, save your postage and I’ll hand it to you myself in Trollhattan in June).

The cafepress shirt below is US$21.99 plus delivery.

Have a think about it and please feel free to register your interest in comments. I’ll hope to have a sample short and a bigger picture of the logo soon.

Below is an image of the cafepress shirt. I haven’t ordered one myself yet so I can’t vouch for the print quality. I have ordered another shirt from them before and it was pretty good, though it did start to fade a little after a reasonable number of washes, but I wasn’t too disappointed with that.


And a close up of the logo. This appears on the cafepress shirt above and will appear in a slightly bigger form on the embroidered shirt.


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  1. hi Swade, i’ll put an order in for one. maybe you could do a 9-5 estate as well, (same style) then i would have to order one of each… robin.

  2. swade, not to be picky, but could the logo be done up larger and on the middle of the shirt? I’d love to advertise your blog at a size where people can easily read it.

  3. Totally possible, Seth. I just ran out of time to put more options up there.

    I’ll get some more done in the next few days.

    I can’t change the Viggen silhouette, but any other suggestions are welcome (font color, for example)

  4. Can those interested please clarify if you’re interested in the cafepress T-shirt shown above or the embroidered polo shirt that i’ll get made?

    I’ll try and get one made ASAP to have a photo for people’s perusal.

    The cafepress T-shirt can be ordered directly using the link in the article.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Just ordered the TS T. With the upcharge for XXL and the shipping charges, I could have bought one of your polos! Oh well, it’s a good cause.

    I wanted the other shirt, but since I have the 900, I couldn’t get excited about the 9-3 pic. This logo is well done and is abstract enough to represent Saab without being too model-specific. Great art work!

    I’m interested in the polos as well. However, ‘fitted’ isn’t my thing — perhaps golf ‘fit’ would be my preference.

  6. Ohh…I just saw that you posted more t-shirts on the cafepress site. The 9-3 convertible shirt is great – I love the ‘move your mouse’ type on the back. I will order one shortly.

  7. Swade, also check out Spreadshirt dot com – they have some cool options that Cafe Press does not carry.

    Good job on the shirts, I fancy getting me one of the convertibles. 🙂

  8. Brilliant stuff those shirts.

    Hey folks, this should make you laugh. I just went for a blast in my 9-5 base mdoel -its old but runs so true. I went up over the Wiltshire downs (hills) in the snow between Avebury and Marlborough. We have a road about 10 mins from the house that Top Gear regularly use for testing and filming. It is a fast, descending (or ascending)double switchback double hairpin with a fast exit with good sight lines. It is a sort of Swiss/Italian pass…

    I charged at it in 3rd gear -only to have to slow and pull over when a 93NG cabrio turbo came hurtling down the hillside. Silver it was, with a blue hood and Alu 36 alloys with the aero body kit.

    So what?

    It was driven by – an old, female, nun – in uniform – complete with the head gear stuff.

    She smiled and shot past on turbo boost…

    That was one superior mother…

  9. I’m definately a “go” for both. I agree with “sethsev7n”–the T-shirt can go larger and the polo should be a bit understated. Since we have calls for NG900’s and 9-3’s and 9-5 wagons, maybe the single, unifying image that we all agree on is the Aero-X???

  10. I would definitely wear a grey or black emb. polo, especially if you embroidered the site URL small on the front and then much larger on the back at like shoulder height!

  11. Ted Y, Ted Y, Ted Y… Tisk Tisk Tisk… The one in your picture is the 9-3ss… This is the 9-3 hatch. Kind of a difference. No copyright yea?

    Kraig, I know one member here who is opposed to Aero-X. Name starts with ‘z’ , and ends with ‘ippy’.. hehe

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