Bring back the hatch!


Some interesting text that accompanied the ad:

A sport sedan should give you high performance, coupled with a high degree of creature comforts. The Saab 900 gives you that. It also gives you something that no other sports sedan gives you: Enormous cargo capacity. The 3-door hatchback models have 56.5 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seat folded.

The BMW 733i, the Volvo GLT turbo and the Audi 5000 together have 52.4 cubic feet of combined cargo capacity…..

…..Of course, only the Saab has a rear seat that folds down, so the others may claim that it has an unfair advantage.

That’s right. It does have an unfair advantage.

Interesting for two reasons:

1) It just goes to show how versatile these brilliantly designed cars were.

2) They were pitching the Saab 900 against a 7-series BMW???!!! How times have changed.




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  1. That’s great! I love that there’s no necessary accompanying text!

    Swade: show ’em the sofa! 🙂

    oops. I was adding the text while you were writing this comment…..SW

  2. If the alleged reason that SAAB stopped making hatches is true (the American market didn’t like them), then they should just make a limited number of the hatchback (true combi coupe) body style alongside the wagon (misnamed “sport combi”) and sedan. Heck, even throw a two-door coupe into the lineup. It can’t cost THAT much more to make a few body style variations.

    I think the prospect of a hatchback re-emerging from Trollhattan is pretty good due to the word I got that the current body style variations will DOUBLE in the next three years or so.

  3. Swade, indeed times have changed. I remember when the 9000 turbo was intorduced in the UK, it was pitched against a 7-series, E-class and Audi 200 (aka A8) and it won hands down in terms of interior space (huge by the standards of the time), fuel economy and performance. Sad then that these days a the 9-5 (a far superior car) can only aspire to the A6, 5-series and C-class and still struggle in that company (at least in terms of credibility).

    Saab used to have a very narrow range of products, but managed to pitch them very widely, covering the sub-exec to uber-exec range (rememner the 900 CD stretch-limo).

    Oh for the glory days to return! I think the problem is that the car ,market has become very defined and Saab has follwed this trend so that the 9-3 is a 3-series contender, the 9-5 a 5-series etc etc…there is little amibiguity for crossing the segments in the way that Saab used to be so good at.

    I think a new nomenclature approach would assist, by not aligning with the BMW classes, Saab could determmine for itself where models ‘fit’ and less ‘confident’ purchasers could make up their own minds whether the car they are buying is a suitable contender in the company car-park or golf-club.

  4. Oh for the return of a 21st century version of SAAB’s 9000 AERO. The combination of the interior’s luxury, the engine’s performance and fuel economy, it’s overall safety, and finally the ultimate utilitly of the hatchback gave consumers an all-in-one luxury, economy, and utility vehicle, with a distinctive look if I may add, that none of the competitors offer and, I believe, is greatly needed in todays market with gas prices over $3.00/gallon. As it was previosly posted by others, what would it take to offer the current bland looking 9-5 with a hatch and maybe even AWD? I believe it would really bring back a lot of die hard “Saabatistas”!

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