Bring back the hatch II

These pics, sent to me by Ivan, just go to show that incredible carrying capacity of the classic 900.

Bring back the hatch!!!


Motorbike and plank


Cement mixer!!


Ride-on lawn mower?!


A night’s worth for Al Aero!


That’s a 3.5 meter boat!

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  1. Yeah cheers for that swaddy!! always wanted a c900 boot full, if you think mines full of beer your should see what the fudge packer fits in his!!

    love ya work

    al 😉

  2. Lol, wish I’d taken pictures when I hauled a Volvo 144 shell off to the scrapyard on the roof of my 75 Wagonback (Combi to non-USA folks). And I still remember the amazement on the eyes of the staff when I loaded a full-length, 3/4 inch, pool table slate into the back, flat on the floor, and closed the door.

  3. Only took me three hours here at work to catch up on all the posts over the long weekend… 🙂

    That last pic of a boat out the back is impressive indeed! Why buy a gas-guzzler when you can own a hatchback?

  4. I don’t know what the copyright issues are, so I won’t post a link to a picture, but for those of you with the book “Mr. SAAB” take a look at page 147 to see how Erik Carlsson and company rigged-up a sleeping berth in the back of a C900 hatchback during the “One Lap of America” race.

    Who needs a hotel room when you have a C900!?!?

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