Canuck Saab Clubs

I’ll have to get on to SaabKen about why the Saab Club of Western Canada website is currently down, but in the meantime, here’s a few more Canadian Saab Club sites for all those in the great white north.

First up is the Saab Club of Ottowa and my congratulations to the webmaster there for putting together a fine looking Saab site. It’s a recent redesign so the content is somewhat light, but it’s a great looking site that’s providing a great face to the members and other visitors.

Secondly, a warm welcome also to the Saab Owner’s Club of Canada, which I think is based in Toronto.

Some of you may know that all my in-laws live in Canada, which can be great as they have to really make an effort to annoy me, but it’s also great because I get to visit there every once in a while. Saab’s are pretty rare in Vancouver from my experience, hopefully there more plentiful in the East and it’s good to see some representation there.

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  1. Doh ! Even my Tasmanian counterpart is on my back about SCWC’s site 😉

    Hey Swade, I’ve got a (new) web designer onside. He lives a block away and is a friend of ours. But he’s a big-time web guy with big contracts so his time is precious. Besides I’ve got to get my new design, business plan and bunch of other sundry things in order before the hammer hits the first nail, ya know ?

    But for now in your write-up above if you don’t mind linking to our Yahoo forum at:

    That would be great.

    New site will be up before SCWC’s 5th anniversary this August !

  2. BTW, Saabs are NOT rare in Vancouver. I got my Saab-dar turned up to max, I see every Saab that comes within sight on the road. Be happy to take you on a tour and join our club meet next time you’re in town 😀

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