Even MORE “whoa! V6 Saab 96”

Tasmanian Saab nut Drew B sent me some more photos of that incredible black V6 Saab 96. A truly amazing old Saab. The original photos are here.

Enjoy. One up front and more after the jump.


















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  1. Yes, that’s the most spectacular 96 I’ve ever seen!

    It doesn’t have the rear seat at all and those wheel rims are 17″.

    I’m not a big fan of really “old school” Saabs but this one is a “killer” 🙂

  2. Yes, it looks sooooo nice.

    Would love to have that.

    As someone already previously said, that should be how the next 9-1 should look, sure, a little more polish to bring the design up to date, and there you have it, the 9-1, hopefully with an X at the end of it too 🙂 🙂

  3. that’s the better way to do a concept car…not like the 9-7x “concept” vehicle (where they tried to put something on nothing). *rolls eyes*

    this 96 is cold-blooded. …yeah, i’d like one in my garage.

  4. I don’t see any of these pics on Mr Jarvinen’s page. Maybe I should switch to text only and write a thousand words where I would have put a picture.

    And why not use your real name? I appreciate the comments and a chance to have a look at another great bunch of pictures, but why do it anonymously? We’re all friends around here. Sheesh.

    Sorry. I’m having a difficult day.

  5. How about a sign up list for those who want to buy a 96 with safety features similar to the 9-3, at least a five speed, hybrid engine of some sort, but no standard electronic toys? Wonder how many firm orders it would take to get the assembly line in Trollhatten up and running and at what cost per vehicle. (For reference, Wikipedia has a 1979 96 on its site.)

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