February Wrap

No new stuff. Apart from this entry, I’m taking the night off.

Here’s what happened here at Trollhattan Saab in February 2007. If you ever wonder how someone could write so much about a little company like Saab, then check out all that happened in the course of one little 28-day month.


– I took possession of a fantastically groooooovy Saab dealer trophy from 1998.

– A commenter named Fred Flintstone gave us a supposedly guaranteed, signed-off-by-GM production schedule for Saab from now until 2012.

– Saab USA recorded their 6th consecutive sales rise and were the only GM brand in the US to record a rise in February. Swedish sales were flat.

– I did some educated guesswork on the XWD system to be used in the MY08 9-3. It’s a new generation system from Haldex. Jakob did some good homework too, finding Saab’s registration of the XWD trademark.

– Without a doubt the biggest story in a month of big stories was the emergence of the first spypics of the MY08 Saab 9-3. I think it looks fantastic.

– Australian Saab head honcho Parveen Batish was named as the grand poobah of GM Premium here in Australia, and now sells Hummers as well as Saabs. Caddy to come soon.

– I posted what I believe will remain the best photo that appears on this site all year.

We learned first that the 9-3 range would get a BioPower option. At the same link, it became evident that the entire 9-5 range would have a BioPower option as of later this year.

The Aero-X won the Car Design News Concept Car of the Year award, scooping both the judges choice and people’s choice awards.

– Documenta, the art festival in Germany, took delivery of its fleet of Saabs.

– I took a look at a number of reasons why my hope has recently been renewed for Saab, given all the recent good news. The future is bright as a button.

– 1985Gripen gave us some incredible coverage of the 60th Anniversary press event, held in San Diego in early February. His write-ups were comprehensive, insightful and very entertaining. He had the chance to drive not only the 60th Anniversry 9-5 and 9-3 range, but he did so in the company of Erik Carlsson for the entire day! He also took heaps of pictures of the vehicles present from the GM Heritage Collection, which were also driveable on the day – an unbelievably rare treat. All Mike’s writings and pictures from this incredible event are available at this link: Saab 60th Anniversary.

– We saw pictures (lot 1 and lot 2), a few years old but entertaining nonetheless, of an incredible Saab 96 in black with a V6 installed. Magnificent.

– We got a better look at the MY08 Saab 9-3 SportCombi thanks to these pictures of a silver version rather than the original black car that was pictured.

– Those new photos led to several bouts of photoshop speculation as to how the finished grille and lights might look.

– The Saab BioPower100 was uncovered prior to it’s official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show. It runs on 100% ethanol and has the coolest tail lamps EVER.

– We had some collective discussion as who Saab’s competitors are. I expanded on my thoughts about Saab’s competition here. It’s fair to say we’re not really any closer on agreeing, but even a little progress is progress.

– Eggs n Grits showed us all how good a new Trollhattan Saab T-Shirt can look. You too can look as smooth as Eggs by clicking here and helping to send Swade to Sweden by purchasing a TS T-shirt.

– I put together a little YouTube video on the cars Saab provided for the 2001 Race Of Champions.

Bring Back The Hatch! The Saab 9-3 and 9-5 SportCombis have more cargo space and towing capacity than a whole bunch of SUVs in a similar price bracket. Some more great research by 1985Gripen.

– More MY08 Saab 9-3 photos emerged, this time the convertible. These were received somewhat more coolly than previous images.

– I had some issues with a family of huntsman spiders moving into my Viggen. I eventually embarrassed myself and got the last one about a week ago.

– A young Korean guy got to re-live his first meeting with Erik Carlsson, and provided a fantastic cartoon image of his RAC rally winning Saab 96.

– I started a collection of Saab desktop wallpapers for everyone’s enjoyment. This will feature cars owned by visitors to this site, or photos taken by same.

– David R gave us the great purchase and drive story regarding his new 9-3 Aero SportCombi. David C also gave us a great story about his family purchase of a 2006 9-7x that now compliments his 206 9-5 quite nicely in the garage.

I opined that Saab should make all it’s gasoline engines BioPower compatible.

– We got some new info on the coming twin-turbo diesel unit, as well as the Black Turbo. It’s absolutely mouth-watering.

– The Rinspeed 9-5 BioPower is absolutely stunning.

– We got a better look at the BioPower100 that will debut at Geneva with the release of a full set of exterior and interior photos.

– Saab are going BioPower crazy at Geneva. The entire Swedish lineup will have a BioPower option in the Swedish market first, with this expanding to other countries over time.

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  1. Great work, Swade! You deserve a break. When one considers that running this ‘blog is just one of your passions, and that you have a “day job” and family to concentrate on as well one has to marvel at your dedication.

    Thanks again for providing a great place for the SAAB community to spend their time. Kudos.

  2. Yeah, I barely have time to read this stuff with a day job, let alone create it. Tremendous work. Just hoping you don’t do a burnout Swade.

  3. How many psychiatrists does it take to treat a Saab owner?

    Answer: Three

    One to talk to talk to the car, one to talk to the owner and one to explain it all to the wife….

    How Swade has a life, wife, job and dog, and produce this absolutely first class site, is beyond me.

    Avoid shrinks folks.. unless you are one- and if you are you will own a saab – so you are OK!

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