First Pics….MY08 9-3

And they can’t blame me for breaking them out, either….

Aftonbladet (no pics, just a generic link) has caught the new 9-3 out on testing. These may not be the final production model, of course, as some bits are blacked out etc.

But damn! That looks hot. I’m loving the Aero-X interpretation at the front.

Good signs, people. Thanks to R for emailing them in and ctm for the supersized versions below…..

Click to enlarge.





Click on this one to supersize and get a detailed look at that front (thanks ctm!)


And another supersize of the underneath section here:


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  1. Deduction, via the rest of the information the mighty Swade has presented, tells me this will have XWD and possibly a beefer engine/turbo set-up….. ::drool::

    I’m glad I opened that extra savings account!! Now I just gotta’ find a way that a college student can make US$ quick and easy πŸ˜€

  2. According to another Swedish newspaper Expressen the pressevent to launch the 9-3 BioPower will be just before the Geneva Autoshow, March 4th.

    Saab will show the 1.8t and 2.0t in BioPower-versions AND some other BioPower news that will come late on? Could it be the BioPower V6 from Aero-X???

  3. I love the way with the raised scoop section of the bonnet how they’ve incorperated the shape of the 99/900 but have done so with the shape still being bang up to date. Far, far better way forward for a car company than the rather silly idea of dusting off some 30 or 40 year old dies that was suggested in a post the other day.

    It’s looking good.

  4. Hate to spoil the party, but isn’t that the front bumper of the revised Seat Ibiza?

    Go on you lot, shoot me down in flames…

    Still, looks good overall and the underneath tweaks are intruiging

  5. I agree with the comment above. This one is a meaner look than the current 9-3. I really like it. It looks fast. I can’t wait for the some official pics.

  6. who cares where the bumper came from! It could come from Pluto for all i care, GM implemented it PERFECTLY. This car looks really Pissed at someone/something (hope its Volvo). Im so happy to report GM has actually done something utterly perfect. It looks splended. I wonder if the back of the Sedan/convertible has changed at all. And since they already refreshed the interior, i doubt its changed. I see the Black plastic border that circles the car is gone. (THANK GOD!). Time to celebrate GM!

  7. I suspect the rearend of the Combi wont chage, it is only 1 year old. I am curious how the rear end of the sedan will look. I hope they use LEDS in the rear lights. I doubt we will get the diesel in the USA unfortunately, but we should get the bio-power.

  8. I cannot wait to see it in person.
    It’s hard to tell from the pics, but it looks like the door handles are different…they almost look like the handles from the BLS.

  9. Will the Black Turbo come available in any other color? πŸ˜‰

    Black just shows dirt soooo quickly here in the desert. I say bring back Dolphin Gray and I might be interested in the SportCombi version of this. πŸ™‚

  10. Hey Gripen, as far as Black Turbo (aka SPG) goes, I think Henry Ford said it best: “You can have any color you want, as long as it is black.” ;-D

  11. Whew…that was a relief! The front end looks fantastic on that 9-3 spyshot, very agressive!!

    This new front end says “get the hell outta my way !!”.

    Thankfully they havent ruined it like they did with the 9-5 and maybe they will graft this new front end on the current 9-5.

    As usual, Swade you are a star!!


    one very happy zippy πŸ™‚

  12. Nice mix of the Aero X concept front end with the existing headlight shape. The hood contour change is nice too, but it’s nothing that will make me “have to” trade in my 2006 9-3 SportCombi, (unless they bring an ethanol, diesel, or direct injection engine to the U.S.)

  13. I too think the door handles resemble the BLS.

    I own an 06 combi and think the new front end is awesome. One problem though, it doesn’t seem to match the rest of the design. I’m still waiting for the 2010 redesign.

  14. It looks really fantastic. I love the aggressive touch and I will be proud riding in one of those in the future. I wonder if there is lots of chromed parts in the front and around the lights that are covered. Hope it ainΒ΄t to much chrome though…

  15. Well, good work Swade!
    When surfing the net this morning, I found this on Expressens site.
    It tells us that SAAB is developing a super engine the have 1.6 litres volume but performs as the 2.3 litre engines of today. And the best part is that it needs under 1 liter/10 km of E85 fuel.
    The article also tells us that SAAB now develops E85 engines for the whole GM family.
    This can’t be bad can it?

  16. Pardon my ignorama, but that pic of the underside looks to me like a torsion bar of sorts. Is it supposed to be the rear drive shaft ? Wouldn’t there be a whole rear differential and axle housing ?

  17. Surprised nobody has noticed the comment on the under body shot with the red circle indicating a drive shaft to the rear wheels, indicating all wheel drive ..

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