Geneva’s gonna be Saab BioPower crazy!!!

Time for a little recap of what I believe we can expect at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The list just keeps on growing as the event gets closer.


It started with the car with the coolest tail lamps EVER, the Saab BioPower100 concept vehicle, which features an engine that will run on E100.


After the BioPower 100 we learned that the BioPower range would expand into the 9-3 series. The 9-3 BioPower cars are available for order in Sweden already, but will make their big public debut at the Geneva show.

The initial release will be a 1.8t but word is that there’ll be a 2.0t setup released in MY2008.


Today, we saw the Rinspeed BioPower 9-5 with standard 180hp engine setup but a full Rinspeed body makeover, which looks absolutely magnificent.


Finally, Bengt has noted in comments that the Geneva Motor Show website also lists a 2.3T BioPower setup – the key being the capital ‘T’.

The current 2.3t BioPower engine in the 9-5 was only released recently and it looks like they’re releasing another high-output version.

The current 2.3T gasoline engine has an output of 260hp, so it could be that this 2.3T BioPower engine might finally be the BioPower Beast incarnated. The BioPower Beast was first shown in the US at the LA Auto Show in 2006 and featured outputs of 310hp and 440Nm.

Given that the Black Turbo is coming in the MY08 9-3 range with an output believed to be around 290hp, this 2.3T BioPower engine could be the one to keep the 9-5 at the top of the Saab tree.

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  1. I would not read to much in to the capital T in 2.3T. Here in europe we got two versions of 2.3T, one has 220 hp and the Aero version has 260. Here in Sweden we had the 220 hp version availible until 2.3t BioPower was released, in Finland for example it is still possible to order 2.3T and 2.3T-Aero since they don’t have BioPower. The 2.3T BioPower version may well be a version with 220 hp on gasoline and 260 hp on E85. Just speculating…

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