Global Saabing

Leaked plans from Saab Sweden have indicated that they’re not down with this Cadillac thing after all. As a matter of fact, they see this whole “GM-thing” as just a stepping stone to total, world Saabination.


The leaked file was first discovered inside a safe made of 2 foot thick steel. Inside the safe was a solid concrete block that concealed at its center one of those really hard to open Eastern European gift boxes with a hidden key in the base.

Once opened it revealed a compact disc, which held one 4586-bit encrypted file…… the way the world will look after “Global Saabing”.


OK, how else do you intro a wierd but quite cool Saab photo from Flickr?

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  1. Ah, yes, it’s a 93 red Laser!

    When you ask nicely, I might be encouraged to wheel out the 96 next weekend, or whenever. I’ve just had it put on SI rego, so she’s right to go. The yellow 95’s also back on the road after a clutch cylinder rebuild. Then there’s the cream 95…….

    Drew B

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