Holy Hummer, Bat(ish)man!!

Autoblog Green have an Australian correspondent now, Dane Muldoon, and he’s been touring the Brisbane International Motor Show.

As he’s from Autoblog Green, his brief includes a focus on environmentally friendly vehicles, so Saab’s been getting a decent clip of coverage there as they’ve recently introduced the the economic Diesel 9-3 range (which are fantastic to drive, by the way) and have also exposed the Aussie government, press and public to BioPower.

The latest story to appear on ABG is an interview with Saab Oz head honcho, Parveen Batish. It’s a good read about the possibilities for BioPower here in Australia, though I think our interviewer avoided some appropriate follow-up questions.

The big news to come out of this interview is that Parveen’s now wearing more than just his Saab hat when he comes into the office.

He’s now the Grand Poobah of Hummer in Australia, too.

And yes, I find this to be very strange.


On a personal note, I’ve been to two events now where I could have taken the time to interview Parveen but took the comfortable route and indulged myself in the vehicles on offer at the time. As you may guess, I have a lot of questions, thoughts and opinions on Saab in Australia and it’s to my own detriment and the detriment of this website that I haven’t taken the opportunity by the kohunas and done the hard yards.

Note to self: correct this.

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  1. G’day Swade ,
    first up, thanks for an informative, inspirational and entertaning blog. I’m a long time Saab admirer but not yet owner( though that may change in the next 12-18 months. The 9-3 Vector SC looks the ducks nuts from here!).
    I too, find it most peculiar that P.B. has been given the Hummer brand to manage. I’d have thought that “plum” would’ve gone to someone from the Holden hierarchy, though maybe they’re keen to get “M.D Cadillac Australia” on their business card!
    Anyhow, here’s to Saab Aust. hitting a century in the coming month!

  2. If the dual role covering SAAB/HUMMER is true then its a shame. I know that Saab has long been made by the people who make hummers but really, to have your top man fronting the press with a story about Saab going carbon neutral and biopower etc one week – and then proudly displaying the new hummer the next…….not even monty python could have dreamt this up.

    Kind of explains GM in one simple step though. Dysfunctional.

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