Holy Hummer (pt 2)

In Holy Hummer Bat(ish)man yesterday we discovered that Saab Oz Director, Parveen Batish is now the chief of Hummer in Australia as well.

Thanks to Turbin, we now have this article from Carpoint, which deals with the debut of the Hummer at the Brisbane International Motor Show this week.

In this article, we learn that the Batishman isn’t just head of Saab and Hummer, his official title will be the head of the “GM Premium Channel” here in Australia, a division that’s just been announced this week as well.

So look forward to Parveen dividing his time between Saab, Hummer, Cadillac and maybe even Corvette in the future.


The other side of this is that Saabs are most often found in a remote, or obscured section of a Holden dealership here in Australia.

This new GM Premium Channel may mean a change for existing dealerships. It may be that we see Saabs in remote, obscured sections of Hummer and Cadillac showrooms in the near future.


I find it pretty difficult to see the positivity in this. Saab are already treated like discarded chewing gum by Holden in Australia. Even as part of a GM Premium Channel, whose sales they’ll likely lead in the first few years, they’ll still be the red headed stepchild because the potential will be seen to be elsewhere.

As PT noted in comments to Holy Hummer, the sight of Parveen unveiling the environmentally friendly BioPower 9-5 one day and then the Homer H3 the next is truly Pythonesque.

Despite it’s ice-cold reception at the Sydney Motor Show last year, I’ve little doubt that the Humbler will find a decent market here amongst the well heeled for whom the Toyota Prado seems a little plain, the Rangie is either too expensive or too stuffy and the Cayenne a little too…..obvious.

Add Cadillac to the mix next year and Parveen’s going to have his attention well and truly divided accross three segments that have about as much in common as Paris Hilton and Mother Theresa.

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  1. Newsflash to GM…not every 50 something aspires to Cadillac or Buick…and Hummer?…grow the F up! After extensive market research Saab in Florida, Louisiana and Texas needs serious help. Jay, light a fire under some of these “dealers”.
    Oh and get that diesel over here…I just saw that 1.9 turboD in a Chevy Equinox at the BioD convention in San Antonio.

  2. G.M are knob heads with regards to this.
    As much sense as an ashtray on a motorbike.My youngest nephew (who still shits himself)could work that out.
    Oh and Steve see if you can get the SAAB owners world wide to vote for Mt.Wellington in the monopoly survey

  3. “Pythonesque” indeed and Mr Batish has the accent for it and all. He will not see the contradiction in these brands being side by side as he is paid not to. Parveen has been stooged and put in this ridiculous position of now promoting a vehicle that not even the press welcomed last year, let alone the public. He will now be the man that is not only pushing the quirky oddball cars from Sweden but also their redneck cousins from US (well South Africa actually).

    He is going to have to work hard to convince everyone that this makes sense. Mooney, the GM boss here, is American and an unashamed fan of the Caddy. If Parveen doesn’t play his cards right then he will be out on his ass once it arrives.

  4. Here’s a prediction. The GM Premium Channel (!) will fail due to lack on interest. Next year when it’s been wound up Australian motoring journos when writing on Saab will have another cliche after “quirky”, “part of stuggling GM” they will be able to add “part of the failed GM Premium Channel (!) concept.
    The idea is breathtaking in its stupidity linking Saab, Hummer and Cadillac together. Just think too of the Holden techs at the service departments working on these.

  5. Swade,

    Let me be the first to say the new banner looks great :0)!!! What has happened to your Viggen!? The front and rear Koni’s? I wonder how they’ve been working, what setting do you leave them on? You must tell us more about ur personal Saab life…

  6. I was thinking more of the poor owners of the cars having the Holden mechanics working on them. A different hammer for each marque perhaps? The 14lb sledge for the H3?

  7. The sledge was always kept for minor front window crush adjustments on the 93 convertable.
    Oh and as an ex Holden tech,the sledge was also kept for VT to VE Commodore fuel guage adjustments at the factory.
    10 years and they still cant get their fuel tank pump and sender right. MONGO LIKE CANDY

  8. Well, it is not much different here really. I went last week Wednesday to Cape Town, South Africa to have a niggling hiccup attended to to my 9-5 Aero MY01. When all things went pear-shaped with GM in Southern Africa, most of the existing dealers were dumped. I was amazed to count no less than 12 classic Saabs (9000 CD, 900 Aeros, 9-3 and 9-5’s) all belly-up waiting for parts or the one or the other spare part with one of the previous dealers who were not good enough with GM at the change-over. It is a sad fact really. Now, here comes the cherry: of the new dealers, they could not even tell me the difference between the 9-3 and the 9-3 Sport Sedan, let alone the difference between the Linear, Arc, Vector and Aero. The confusion continues when I probed the sales lady whether she had any 2.8V6 Turbo on the floor and she quickly pointed me in the direction of a 9-3 SS 2.0T cabriolet of which the difference is so vast as Kathmundu is to Reykjavik!

    Someone is deliberately diluting the Saab brand ALL across the world. The future of Saab in Southern Africa? I fear we will be left with good memories of what was …

  9. It may look different in the org chart & strategic plans but from us here in the cheap seats this has to be the hospital pass of the year. Bring the bloke out from the UK where hes done a great job getting dealers to register Saabs as if their lives depend on it and then ask him to hand over business cards with SAAB on one side, Hummer on the other and Caddy – on the third side????….

    Note to GM regarding customer segmentation:

    In my experience Hummers are owned by either CUBs ( Cashed Up Bogans) or devotees of penis enlargement clinics.

    Saabs are owned by people who have learnt to read.

    At least it’ll be amusing to watch.

  10. Yeah, great banner IMHO.

    Question: what happened to that guy who was to drive a long distance in his Saab somewhere in the U.S. a couple of days ago? Did he got stranded in Wyoming? 🙂

  11. Guys, Stop winging on about the Saab, holden ties. Think about this for a minute. you are taking your cars to a place that also service $80,000 – $90,000 Statesmans and Caprices aswell as similar and more expensive HSV’s that cost more then any SAAB. Here in Brisbane, prior to A Holden dealership taking over the SAAB dealership they were being sold by a company that sold Hyundai’s next to the SAAB. So people were taking in the $80,000 SAAB to be serviced by a guy who could also be working on a $12,000 Hyundai. This new dealership has a seperate service shop to Holden and are very good at what they do, a lot better then the previous. If you are having dificulty with the change, tell them, and tell them that you are not happy.

  12. Twat, I wish it were that simple. The saabologist commenting above was the former Saab service guy right here at my hometown dealership in Hobart and he’ll blow your mind with horror stories given the chance.

    Saab is a pimple on Holden’s backside, I’m afraid. Two chances I’ll let one of local dealers’ apprentices have a crack at my Viggen – Buckley’s and none. I’ll take to a place where I’m quite sure I know who’s working on it.

    Not all dealerships are bad, I’m sure. But the negative attitude toward Saab amongst combined Holden/Saab dealers is quite widespread.

  13. Swade,

    Ok I agree, it is not as straight forward as that, but the Holden-SAAB aliance does as far as I have seen up here, has had more positives then negative. Would your date with the diesel Saab on the Gold Coast have taken place, without Holden, and what about the V6? As for my own expience, I have had a far better expeirience with the SAAB/Holden dealer the previous SAAB dealer and the local Independant Saab service specialist

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