In SoCal? Go Driving!

If you happen to be in the San Diego area, or visiting, and you’d like to know a nive drive to take for a day trip, then here’s a suggestion.

This is the route map used by Mike and Erik (two old mates from way back) during their drive of the 60th Anniversary vehicles at the Saab press event a few weeks ago. Mike’s mentioned to me that whoever put the route together should be congratulated as it was a magnificent day’s driving.

I just want me some of that Julian apple pie and ice cream!!

Click to enlarge to full single page size.


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  1. It is a beautiful drive! We did most of that route when we were in the San Diego area last October. Check out the link for a few pics of the sights along that drive. I wish I had my aero there but its a long drive from the east coast of Canada. We had to make due with a 07 Tahoe(nice)while in California. Link –

  2. Wow, Im a native and don’t even know this official route. But I do know Julian and there yummy stuff. Shall I send you some Swade?

  3. Thanks saaboy! The coast highway is a great drive. We toured from Malibu down to Mission Beach. Best beach for us was Carlsbad. You certainly are lucky to drive it every other day.

  4. I just rode part of that route on my motorcycle today. One part that is missing is the S7 loop up Palomar Mountain near Lake Henshaw. Some amazing twisties which are equally fun with a motorcycle and a Saab.

  5. The S6 on the east slope of Palomar is a wild ride also with 22 switchbacks, it is often compared to L’Alpe d’Huez on the tour de france. I missed my saab that day.

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