Meet the Flintstones….

From the town of Bedrock comes the following, left in comments by “Fred Flintstone”

Saab 5 year product plan

2008 – New Aero diesel with twin sequential turbo chargers with similar performance to V6 petrol.

2009 – New 9-5 Saloon similar size to A6 with 4 wheel drive.

2009 – 9-4X SUV a similar size to BMW X5 but lower.

2010 – New 9-5 Estate

2011 – New 9-3 Saloon

2012 – New 9-3 Sportwagon & Convertible, will be neither a conventional soft-top or a retractable hard top, something new.

2012 – New 9-1 a smaller model to create a style icon for the Saab brand.

All of these models have been signed off by GM and are guaranteed

Cartoon fantasy, or real life?

Fred, why don’t you email me (using the same address you used in the comment) and let’s talk some more.

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  1. Twinturbo, there was such a version of the 1.9 CDTi with 212 hp shown in an Opel Concept car. But I don’t know which car will get this engine, maybe a Saab is the first!

  2. “neither a conventional soft-top or retractable hard top, something new”

    ???? Targa tops and T-tops aren’t considered convertibles… So I’m completely lost as to what this maybe.

  3. If there is a “power-diesel” coming, my bet is that it will be the 2,4 engine also found in several Fiat/Alfa Romeo cars.

  4. No 9-1 until 2012 is a disgrace. It should have been out this year to follow the 9-2.

    I guess GM is happy to cede this traditional Saab segment to Volvo, VW, and BMW. A pity.

  5. “Neither a conventional
    soft-top or [sic] a retractable hard top, something new.”

    Could this be something Aero-X-inspired? If Saab ever put something even remotely related to that canopy I’m sure everybody will love it.

    Another thing: if the 2008 diesel Aero is twin-turbo, that may well mean that the Black Turbo will have a twin-charger, too.

    9-1 five years from now is a huge disappointment.

  6. Some adjustment to the plan- at least for the U.S. – the 9-4X will be on sale from January of ’09 now. And the 9-5 Sedan will be September of 2010. As for a 9-1 there has been no approval for such a vehicle sadly. With the restyled 9-3 and the AWD and the BioPower and then the Convertible which will follow with restyle at least 6-8 months after the 9-3 sedan. This will have to hold us over for a while!

  7. Oh man…
    This DOES look bleak.
    No 9-1 until 2012?? Adam is right on point; if there’s anywhere Saab should push, it’s in THREE DOOR HATCHBACK territory. Think back to five years ago — since then, all Saab’s done is introduce a facelifted 9-5, a new 9-3, a Subaru clone, a TrailBlazer clone, another 9-5 facelift, and a couple 9-3 variants. That’s barely a model a year!
    And now the new 9-5 isn’t going to come out until 2010? Audi will have a new A6 by then…the supposed “benchmark” moves yet again.
    All I can tell myself, when I read things like this, is that if GM weren’t throwing SAAB meager scraps from its table, the new 9-5 would be coming out in two-thousand-NEVER and the 9-3 would be restyled to not exist. In other words, I guess we should be grateful. But alas…if only we could be treated like that other Swede gets treated by its other American master.

  8. While I would love to see a 9-1 this year, I can understand the delay. I assume it would be on the next generation Astra platform. Also, I’m not sure how well these entry level semi-luxury cars are selling. I’m thinking Audi A3, BMW 1 series, Merc A class etc. For those of you in Europe, are people spending extra money for these cars when they can buy a Focus, Golf, Astra etc.? I live in the northeastern part of the USA and I don’t see many Audi A3s. In fact i would buy a Golf GTI before I buy an A3.

  9. Good point, Frank. Audi went on to first solidify itself as a premium brand with bigger sedans before venturing into the compact segment: the A3 and its compact Audi predecessor are more than 20 years apart. Perhaps Saab is thinking the same.

  10. Even if (and I have my doubts) this is ‘real’ inside information, these things will change and change and change once more before the 2008 model year, let alone 2012! Be patient, relax, and let the cars come. It’s fun watching it happen, but don’t get uptight when it doesn’t!

  11. eggngrits said it all – is this “real inside information”?

    I cannot believe that the new 9-3 is a full four years off as Saab is a generation behind the current BMW 3 and will be two generations behind by 2011 no doubt. The 9-1 really should be out by the end of next year at the latest and having to wait til 2012 would be a disappointment.

    The twin-turbo diesel has me drooling though but I doubt we would see it in North America.

  12. “Neither a conventional soft-top or [sic] a retractable hard top, something new.”

    In line with Saab’s “jet-fighter” heritage, the convertible top will explode off it’s mounting points, as if the car had an ejector seat. This ensure a lot of revenue for GM in selling top replacements.

  13. Everything is great except for the timeline. Saab needed these cars in 2001. 10 years too late.

    Dissapointing to see no sign of the Sonnet based on the Corvette platform? I thought that was signed off? Ditto the new twin-turbo biodiesel SUV range under SCANIA…?

    Say its not true Joe…..

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