Million Mile Saab interviews

Ryan over at Saabhistory has picked up a bunch of interviews with Peter Gilbert, owner of the million mile 1989 Saab SPG.

This first one was actually recorded when he had about 930 miles still to go.

The next one was recorded after the announcement that he would receive his new 9-5 Aero.

There is a third one as well, but it was showing “not available” when I clicked on it. Give it a try. It may be online now.

A great way to get another look at Gilbert’s SPG, which really is in amazingly good condition for all that it’s been through. For those of you who are outside the US it’s a good indication of the level of coverage that Saab USA have received from the story.

Great stuff, and an easy way to kill a few minutes.


And if I hear another ‘sob story’ tagline I’m gonna puke.

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  1. Okay #1

    I was finally able to watch all three. I especially liked the shots of the car driving. I didn’t realize SPGs were so low to the ground.

    Okay #2

    Yeah, but what about this?

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