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I’m really getting buzzed about my quick run in Drew’s 95 wagon over the weekend. It was so good to get back into an old Saab again. It’s really got me reaching back for memories of my old 99T. I think a 99 is definitely going to be the object of desire for me in 2008.

I’m thinking a 2-door EMS with a Turbo transplant. Greg, please keep me updated on your transplant job this year.


Speaking of old Saabs, the one car that I didn’t see any pictures of in Gripen’s Anniversary articles was the Sonett II. GM have one in their heritage Collection but it seems they didn’t bring it out for this event.

This morning I received the 60th Anniversary press material from SaabUSA, so here’s some pics of their Sonett II, which is a two-stroke model and absolutely beautiful.

Click to double the size.






The Truth About Cars proves that one again it’s primary motive is to have a bash at GM at every opportunity. This time it targets Saturn and the move to bring the Opel Astra into the Saturn lineup. There’s also a mention of Saab in the article. I can recall a time very recently when a lot automotive pundits in the US were clammering for GM to make this very move (i.e. bring the well regarded Opels to the US).

TTAC keeps on selling itself as the place to read something different just for the sake of it, whether it makes sense or not.


Autoblog Green are reporting that Audi have confirmed their intentions to build an A1, which will be similar in size to Saab proposed 9-1 entry level model. The A1 is said to be setting its sights on the Mini.


I hope I’m not shattering anyone’s illusions here, but the Aero-X doesn’t actually have a 400hp E100 engine under it’s hood. This is a concept engine to go with the concept car, but the engine actually sitting under the hood of the Aero-X is some old banger to help move it from spot to spot.

But I was wondering to myself last night…..Have they actually built this 400hp V6 engine? Is it sitting somewhere in Sweden or Germany right now? Has it been doing laps somewhere?

Memo to Saab: Please show us your 400 horses!

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  1. i believe its possible for an engine around 400 for saab. the new caddy engine will have a 3.6 v6 direct injection which will make 300(minimum estimation from GM). Lets say when that engine comes out it has 305-310hp. i can see saab putting a twin turbo on that a taking on m’s. btw the regular 3.6 right now is where the 2.8 came out of for the 9-3 aero.

  2. I remember in that video you made of your visit to the Aero-X, when you asked the gentleman if there was ACTUALLY 400 hp v6 in there, and he was hesitant to say anything.

    If saab can get 260 outa 2.3T, for everyday driving, I’m sure they could do 400hp on something bigger, but why?

  3. You’re right in your speculation that the Sonett II did not appear at the 60th Anniversary event I attended, Swade. It was one of the few which didn’t appear (along with the 9-2X Aero, ’86 C900T ‘vert, NG900 “Pike’s Peak”, and ’06 9-3 Aero V6 ‘vert “20 Years Edition”).

    Does that 95 (I used to think I had to specify “wagon” whenever I mentioned the 95, but I recently learned something many of you already knew: the SAAB 95 only came in wagon form!) have the “cheese slicer” on the back?

    Lastly, I’m with Saaboy: “why”? SAAB has never been about pure speed. If SAAB’s going to join-in on the horsepower war, why don’t they just source a Corvette engine from Chevy, twin-turbocharge it, and make it run on E100? To me, SAAB is about form following function, safety, economy, efficiency, and fun. I had some of the most fun I’ve ever had in a car riding in a 1956 Sonett 1 driving only 60 mph! Pure speed does not necessarily equal pure fun.

  4. Why? Why not? It’s not about horsepower wars, it’s about getting more from less. If not, why should they bother turbocharging at all?

    The 95 does indeed have the cheese-slicer. Looks great, too.

    Drew’s modified my camera rig to fit the car so we should be right for the weekend’s work. Am looking forward to it.

  5. Getting more from less is one of the things SAAB does better than just about anyone else, so since the theoretical V6 in the Aero-X is essentially the same powerplant as in the current 9-3 Aero, I guess it makes sense to eek 400 bhp out of it if they can without having to step-up to some V8 or bigger behemoth. I just get worried when we start talking about bigger and bigger outputs from SAABs. I don’t want people to think that SAAB can start competing with companies like BMW on horsepower alone. Maybe I was jumping to conclusions…

    As for the cheese slicer, I must say that I’m falling in love with the look of the 9-5 Sport Combi (sort of the modern-day SAAB 95) again. It was looking pretty stale to me, but with that Hirsch kit, the cool taillights, and the Polar White color, that’s my new obsession (since there’s no chance I can have a Sonett!) as the 99 is your new obsession, Swade!

    Since we have a few more years to go before the next-gen 9-5 it’d be nice if they could somehow retrofit some rear side impact curtain airbags for the last few years the current model is sold. That should boost the rear passenger side collision crash test results too.

    I just read that AutoblogGreen snippet. It’s interesting to me that though I learned that within 3-years SAAB will have a new small car in concept form, aimed at the BMW Mini, that car is slated to be a CONCEPT model and it could be 2010 before we even see the _concept_. Meanwhile, AUDI has just announced they will have their A1, also slated to compete with the Mini _IN PRODUCTION_ in 2009. This means that BMW will have had about nine-years head-start in that segment (premium small sport hatch) and AUDI will have had their offering out for a year by the time SAAB even releases their _concept_. I just hope that this isn’t one of those occasions where SAAB enters the market with a product too late, like they did with SUVs. Pundits have been saying for years now that SAAB should have a small entry-luxury “sport hatch” offering. I think the 9-2X was supposed to fill this need.

  6. Thanks for posting the Sonett II pics. That’s at the top of my most-desired list; I would almost sell my house to have one, even the V4 Sonett II. It’s all Saab, unlike the Sonett III which I wouldn’t keep if someone gave me one. Some might like the Italian looks of the III (to me it looked like a high school shop class designed it), but 400 pounds of lift at 100mph (Sports Car Graphic magazine—RIP) probably gave it the worst aerodynamics of any Saab ever made.

  7. Swade, if you want an update on the transplant project, you could see it yourself in August, if the Trollhattan plans fall through.


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